2010 Race Report: Capital City Classic 10k

Capital City Classic 10K – Raleigh NC (May 8, 2010)

******here is last year’s race report as a basis of comparison for this year’s******

I’ve been thinking all day about how to present this… in one word: bittersweet.

Pre-race: Thankfully, the boys slept through the night, I so I got to sleep through the night! I went to bed around 10:30 and fell asleep pretty quickly. Woke up around 6 this morning and felt great. My stomach was a little upset – probably nerves. I always get a little anxiety the morning of a race… No matter, it’ll pass – it usually does. Time for my oatmeal, blueberries and 1/2 bagel with peanut butter. I saw some pop tarts on the counter, and it did cross my mind, Katie, but I thought better of it – haha. I made my coffee and took the opportunity to have the first two of what turned out to be several bathroom stops before the race. It was located down town and started a couple blocks from where the Rock and Roll started, so it was bringing back a lot of memories for me about how I felt that morning, too – might have contributed to my upset stomach. I also felt very anxious once I got there – much more so than I usually do… all those bad runs were messing with my mind. Add to that, I couldn’t find packet pick up, and, dang it, I have to go to the bathroom again. I finally found packet pickup (if you can call it a packet) – a cotton t-shirt and a couple of coupons from, of all places, Hardees?!?!? Reeeallly? I don’t know if they’re national, but have you seen the stuff they advertise? My arteries harden just watching that commercial… Then, I got my bib. It was probably the weirest race bib I’ve seen – it had just my first name slapped in the middle on a giant label. Huh? Where’s the number? I’ve never seen that – just a big ole TOBI in like 75 point font. I did eventually find the number – located in teeny-tiny 15 point font on the lower right. After making snide comments under my breath about the packet and bib, I walk out to put my stuff in the car and notice that for the after race snack, they’re giving us cupcakes???? I’ve never seen that before, either. Cafe Carolina – a local bakery – is one of the sponsors, but they serve bagels, too – why cupcakes? They were also giving out food from Hardees and cookies. Just seemed weird to give those out in the morning… dunno.

Race: they did the little guys’ races first – which I didn’t remember seeing on the schedule. Had I known that, I would have taken the opporutnity to go again, but I debated it for so long, I was afraid I was going to miss the start. They basically started and finished the race outside of the studios for ABC 11, the local affliate here in Raleigh. The whole event is still in its infancy, but with the talent they had in this thing, I would think they would have had their act together a little more by the 3rd year. Once the little people were done with their race (mine weren’t able to come today ) they lined all of us up for ours and had us move up a block. Now, the reason I mention “having their act together” here is because at this point, the emcee didn’t have a PA or sound system. Before giving us the official start, the emcee gave us background information on the folks running. Olypians! All American Cross Country team members! College stars! But, unless (like me) you were 10 feet away… you didn’t hear any of that. But, I did hear it and I knew I was out of my league, but I was up there – just a few feet away from those people… mainly because there were no start mats! grrr. I would call it “gun time” but, alas, no gun… the official start was the emcee lowering his hand and saying “ok, go”. niiiicccceeee…. I think I’ll call that “hand time”.

The run itself went great for me, actually. The course, being that it was downtown, was very familiar to me and I was feeling strong. I was gaining back a little of that confidence and feeling like, finally, I was starting to overcome the bad runs I had the weeks before. That is, until I got to mile 4. All of the sudden, the stomach issues came back again. Several times, I thought about quitting – just throwing in the towel and going home – having a little pity party on the way – but I didn’t. I just stopped for a walk for a while – once it all passed – started back to running again. I did this the entire last 2 miles, much to my chagrin. That was absolutely the bitter part of this. I finished at 55:20 or so, I think.

Post Race: I went to the car to get my change of clothes (wanted to make it to my oldest’s soccer game right after and didn’t want to freeze to death on the field), came back for water and a banana – by passed all the confections and Hardees because, quite frankly, I didn’t want to vomit right there in front of everyone. I ended up seeing my run buddy from the nOg run club (Transplant!) chatted with him for a bit and opened my banana – all bruised and mushy inside… just like me. ha ha. I threw it in the trash… but missed. How very poetic. I tried looking up the results, but they only have top 3 for each age group listed… I’ve never seen that before, either. Maybe it just takes a while to get up there…

In spite of the “official” results, the sweet part was I only missed my PR by about 40 seconds, even with walking I’ll take it. That, and that I didn’t quit. I’m glad that I stuck to it – hoping Skirt Chaser goes better, though – haha!


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