2010 Race Results: Resolution Run 5k

I completed the Raleigh NC Resolution Run 5K yesterday and was waiting on getting the official results before posting my race report. This race was sponsored by the NC Roadrunner’s Club (NCRC), so the vast majority of the folks there were serious runners. It didn’t seem as big as it ended up being (323 totall chipped runners). I participated in the 5K, and I registered my kids in the kid’s run – the local 24-hour news even did this piece on it! The weather was very cooperative – a bit cloudy, but about 45 degrees which is WWWAAAAAAAYYYYYY warmer than it is right now!! Also, as one of the first 100 registrants, I got a long sleeved tech shirt – by and large the best shirt I’ve received from a race so far.

Overall, I’m very happy I ran this race! I didn’t PR, but I only missed it by about 30 seconds, and I still improved over the race before, so I’m actually very pleased with my results. The race was held at Centennial Campus (part of NCSU). I’ve already run 3 other races there, including my only 10K, and the course is pretty hilly. Thank goodness I got all these hilly runs in the last couple of weeks! I think I read the route wrong originally, though, because the course started in the opposite direction from where I’ve started before and it seemed a little harder. I forgot to wear my GPS, though, so I had no idea what my pace was the whole race, but the woman that finished just before me had a pretty decent pace and she and I traded leads throughout the race… I will say, however, I she started out way ahead of me, so I’m pretty proud of catching up with her about 1/2 way through.

My results are: 25:11 total time (PR is 24:44) bringing me to a 8:07mm split. Also, I placed 64 of 323 total, and 4 of 65 in the 30-39 age group – the biggest age group by & large!!! While I am happy with my results, my goal this year is sub-8mm for 5K races, so I have some work to do for my next one – Feb. 7th!!

After my race, the only celebration I had was watching my little ones participate in their run – they both had such a great time (it was only about 50 yards) and the older one (who is 4) is still carrying his medal around and can’t wait for his next race! I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree


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