2010 Race Results: Run for the Roses 5k

I enjoyed today’s Run for the Roses – though, it was kind of a tough run for me mentally, but I think what I lacked mentally, I must have made up for physically because I made a new PR!! Yay 🙂

Pre-race: I was a real mess today. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much for pre-race! I got there late and literally had just enough time to pin on my bib and get out into the crowd. I didn’t even have time to untangle my iPod earbuds, which bugged me the whole run. I ran into a co-worker (a different one from the one that ran with me on Friday) and asked him to hold my stuff because I didn’t have time to make it back to the car or even go to the bathroom! Like I said… a real mess… It is the oldest 5K in Raleigh, and was way more popular than I thought it would be. Not nearly as big as, say, Komen or the Great Raleigh Road Race, but most of them were a serious bunch for sure (the NC Roadrunner’s Club was a huge sponsor, so I can kind of see why).

Race Time: I lined up, and, thankfully this time, remembered to turn on my GPS and start my watch! As soon as I did all that, everybody started going so I just went with them. I felt like I was kind of far back, so when I started, once again, everybody was smoking me. I looked down at my GPS and was doing a 7 minute pace – what?!?! get outta here, right? I just kept going – I thought, if nothing else, I’ll make it closer to a 8mm pace – as long as I do what I did the last race, I’ll feel ok about it. Each time I glanced down, I was sub-8mm all the way through the end of 2 miles. You’ll hear why in a minute! The course was nice – through the Mordecai part of town (actually passed the Mordecai house – a landmark) and, ironically, I just ran about 75% of the course on Friday going in the opposite direction, so physically, it was easier than I think it would have been had I not just done it. The only thing that kind of sucked was that last hill… man… that thing lasted for what felt like a mile… up the whole way and that sucker was steep. Most of that mile was closer to 9:30mm pace, but I was OK with that after the first two at sub-8 😉

My little guys ran in the tot-trot and they both had a blast! I helped my littlest across the finish line, but the big one (5) was doing it on his own and so proud of himself… and his new medal!


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