Training Recap – July 31 – August 6, 2011

Dates: Sunday, 7/31/2011 – Saturday, 8/6/2011

Total Running Mileage/Time/Pace:

  • 33.43 total miles (don’t be too impressed… I had a Sunday long last week and a Saturday long this week, so this is inflated.)
  • Total time of 5:25:15 (if my math is right)
  • overall average pace for the week of 9:45.55 – not bad considering yesterday’s flop of a long…

Running Days:

  • Sunday Long on TM (9.75/1:30:08 – average pace of 9:15)
  • Tue: Tempo on TM (6.75/1:00:08 – average pace of 8:54)
  • Thu: outdoor run (3.22/31:08 – average pace 9:40)
  • Fri: Tempo outdoor with Run Buddy (5.05/44:42 – average pace 8:52)
  • Sat: Long outdoor (8.66/1:40:13 – average pace 11:34).

Cross Training Activities:

  • 1 day of core (mostly abs) on Wednesday

Days of rest: 

Sunday, Monday

Goals for the upcoming week:

  1. Increase the xt – I think that, based on the really rough runs late this week – and that I had 5 runs – I’m getting a little burned out. I only had one day of xt and it was only 30 minutes. I need to work on that.
  2. Absolutely get in a speed interval run this week. I missed my interval last week because I overslept and couldn’t find a free treadmill on Thursday. I was worried that I’d be too tired for intervals once I got home and my thought was “better than nothing” so I went outside and ran (in 100+ degrees). That was a terrible idea, and a very tough run. I spent the entire run lamenting about how  annoyed I was that I didn’t get my intervals. I won’t miss them this week.
  3. Goal for interval workout this week: increase to 5×800 (7.6, 7.7, 7.8, 7.9, 8.0). So, yes, I’m starting in the same place as the last time I did speed interval, BUT, I’m adding one more 800 to the mix, and I didn’t want to add both at the same time. It should still be faster overall. For the 800m recoveries between, set the goal pace to be 6.4 (1st, 3rd) and 6.5 (2nd, 4th, 5th), and then the remaining 60 minutes rotate from 6.7 to 7.0.
  4. Goal for tempo: 8:40 overall for 60 min, most likely on a TM.
  5. Goal for long: start at 5 PM and overall duration of 1:50:00, absolutely on a TM. Hopefully I can use the gym tms, but am willing to use my own if I have to.


  • Ok, this is a new idea I had to keep me posting on a regular basis and to keep me focused with my training and race plans… so, rather than post the daily minutia of my training, I thought I’d summarize it. And, when I’m feeling down about “bad runs”, I can always come back here and pull myself back into perspective – overall, they’re still pretty good runs even if one or two are crappy.
  • I am pretty happy about the first long, and both tempos, but very unhappy about that last long. I had to run/walk that. I did make the entire goal time of 1:40:00 duration, but I didn’t run the whole time and was very wiped out from the run overall. I felt like I did a much better job of eating (rice and chicken, which seems to work well with my stomach) and I was more thoughtful about hydration (I had 1.5 cup coffee, 20-oz water with Propel, about 10-oz V-Fusions with my lunch, another 20-oz water with propel, 20-oz plain water and I brought 20-oz coconut water with me – which I finished before the end of the run). It was hot, for sure, but not the over 100+ hot we’ve had the week before. I’m pretty sure it was the humidity that got me, either that or I was just fatigued from the rest of the runs in the week and I should have tried today instead. I tried yesterday because I was worried about the heat for today – haha. Oh well… live and learn. My legs are actually sore today from that run, and that is pretty rare that I get sore from runs these days – especially when I walked part of it, so I’m leaning toward fatigue.
  • I really need practice eating during a long – I had hoped to practice that yesterday, but I was worried that I might throw up from all the heat and exhaustion, so I didn’t try it until I got into the car to go home. I will try that next Saturday.
  • I need more cross-training, plain and simple. I can’t afford any injuries! For that reason, I’m planning on only 3 runs next week (the long, the interval and a tempo) and the rest cycle, swim and core. Run days should be Tue, Thu and Sat. Swim and weights today, cycle tomorrow, swim and core on Wed, rest on Friday with maybe some much needed stretching in advance of the tm long.
  • I need to call about my Garmin 405. It is on the fritz again – the bottom button (yes, the RESET button) doesn’t respond! Damn it. So… I can’t do a hard boot, which is the one thing that my research says should fix it. Stay tuned on that…

Hope you all have a great week training!


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