Training Recap: August 7 – August 13, 2011

Dates: Sunday, 8/7/2011 – Saturday, 8/13/2011

Total Running Mileage/Time/Pace:

  • Total Miles:  a very pitiful 14.71 😦
  • Total Time: (if my math is right) 2:15:08
  • Overall average pace for the week: 9:11.18 (last week 9:45.55)
  • +/- from Last Week: -0:34.37 (gasp) SWEET! that actually was a pleasant surprise from last week!!

Running Days:

  • Monday: HOT, Nog Run Club Downtown Raleigh (2.73/27:30 – average pace of 10:04)
  • Tuesday: (attempted) Intervals, Treadmill (4.31/37:21 – average pace of 8:40)
  • Thursday: Recovery/Base Build, Downtown Raleigh (4.01/38:13 – average pace of 9:31)
  • Friday: (attempted) Tempo/Hill, Downtown Raleigh (3.66/32:04 – average pace of 8:46)

Cross Training Activities:

  • Sunday: Swim at Gym (1100 m swim + 400 m looking like a fool pool jogging/57:01 – average pace of Not Important)

Days of rest:

Wednesday, Saturday

Goals for the upcoming week:

  1. Blew my goals last week, so I’m going to be realistic this week: I want to make it to 25 miles total for the week.
  2. Focus on eating – I never ever thought this would be a problem for me, but I must say, last week I did a really bad job of eating enough food, and the quality of what I did eat was not up to par with what I’ve been used to. I’m still in GF transition, but I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m hoping hopping on that GF wagon will solve at least some of these issues. I still need to be tested for Celiac – though, I’m really starting to wonder if I would come back positive after the week this has been for me while eating gluten-foods.
  3. Tempo Goal: still 8:40. I got close this week, but couldn’t make it to 4 mi, so I want to sustain 8:40 for at least 4 to 5 mi.
  4. Interval Goal: add that 5th 800 – didn’t make it to that this week because I just wasn’t eating well this week.
  5. Goal for long: start at 7:30-8 PM and overall duration of 2:00:00, probably on a TM (sniff). Not really a fan of running by myself in the dark, so I have to suck it up and tm it.
  6. Goal for XT: ah… I’ve been bad about XT the last couple of weeks. My runs did improve when I worked on my abs & core. I also need to get back into the habit of Yoga poses – there are some I tried today and (sigh) have lost my bendy-ness and I’m pretty sure I’m going to feel the effect of that tomorrow.


  • This was felt like a crappy run week. I’m pretty sure the stats don’t do it justice, though. I felt like crap during most of my runs this week, for one reason or another. Mostly, though, I’m really starting to wonder about my food intake – not only amount, but the gf factor (as I call it). My son was diagnosed with Celiac about 2 months ago and, because I had a pantry full of food bursting the seams with Gluten, I decided I would gradually get rid of those things while the boys were with their dad. That was last week. I made some GF oat bars that I’m going to try in place of the Clif bars I’ve loved so much – we’ll see.
  • Eating during a run has never been something I’ve liked – in fact, I’ve hated it with a hot, purple passion. It makes me stop. It makes me feel like I’m going to choke, and in some cases, makes me feel like I’m going to throw up. However, I’ve noticed that, beyond 7 miles, I hit a big wall. Gu and gummies don’t fix it, and while Coconut Water has helped soften the blow a bit, it isn’t really effective, either. I had a long today (which I’ll actually post about next week) that was my first ‘eat in the middle of a run’ experience and I think it worked. Next week’s long will be the true test.
  • I may be in trouble with the 10 pm start time – I asked the boys to clean their room before starting cartoons so I could do my long last night and I fell asleep before they finished. That was 8 pm. oi. So… working on getting rest in the days leading up to the race are going to be important, especially since I’m driving down there and we’ll be taking the boys around the Disney park the day before and maybe even the day of the race… I need to figure this part out sooner than later. Next week’s 8 PM start time should give me a better idea.
  • Garmin 405 update: ugh… to my chagrin, they’ll have to replace it. I sent it in to have it replaced on Thursday and am expecting my new one early this week.

Hope you all have a great week training!


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