Training Recap: August 14 – August 20, 2011

Dates: Sunday, 8/14/2011 – Saturday, 8/20/2011

Total Running Mileage/Time/Pace:

  • Total Miles:  30.31 (last week 14.71)
  • Mileage +/- from last week: +15.6
  • Total Time: 4:53:00 I’ve never had a total time even like that! – (last week: 2:15:08)
  • Total Time +/- from last week: +2:37:52 – thus, the extra long and the slower runs generally
  • Overall average pace for the week: 9:40.4  (last week 9:11.18)
  • +/- from Last Week: +0:28.86 – No shocker because of the 2 longs, slower/shorter tempo, and a missed speed interval.

Running Days:

  • Sunday: Long 1 of 2 on my home TM (11.87/1:50:09 – average pace of 9:17)
  • Tuesday: (shortened) tempo, home TM (3.39/30:00 – average pace of 8:51)
  • Thursday: Recovery/Base Build, Downtown Raleigh (3.01/28:42 – average pace of 9:31)
  • Saturday: Long 2 of 2 on Gym TM (12.04/2:04:09 – average pace of 10:19)

Cross Training Activities:

  • *sniff* none 😦

Days of rest:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Goals for the upcoming week:

  1. Met, and exceeded, the 25 mile goal but it is unrealistic because I ended up having 2 longs in one week and won’t have one at all next week, most likely (unless I do it on my tm after a 9 hour drive, and I don’t see that happening). I may have to set the bar a little lower this week for mileage – maybe call it a step-back /xt week – and focus more on XT. I have 2 runs planned, so maybe I’ll just stick to those two and set my goal at 12 overall (2-six milers).
  2. Eating – apparently, I am still having a tough time with eating and, while I would love to tell you all I had it all figured out this week, I just don’t. This week was particularly busy for me, so I ended up skipping lunches and eating late… again. I don’t feel like I’m loosing weight, so I might be getting enough, but my energy seems so zapped so quickly during a run that I might just be eating enough to feel full and not the right kinds of long-lasting fuel I really need. I bought a case of Kind bars thinking that they will help. I’ll let you know.
  3. Tempo Goal: grrr… my speed is starting to suffer. I only got 1 opportunity for a tempo and it was bound by a pretty strict 30-minute stop time. I slipped 10 seconds on the average, too… One of the runs I have scheduled this week is with a friend who is faster than me, so I hope to get past this 8:40 wall of mine when I run with him.
  4. Interval Goal: If I get in a 3rd run, I want to just get an interval workout in this week – that’s the goal. I missed it last week and my average times are already slipping a bit.
  5. Goal for long: I’m not going to put in a long goal this week because, honestly, I doubt my ability to actually get one in due to the insane schedule I have for the upcoming week. If anything, I may have an opportunity for a split-long (two runs in one day – 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening), but I’m not even counting on that.
  6. Goal for XT: …and just like the week before, I’ve been bad about XT the last few weeks. My runs did improve when I worked on my abs & core and honestly, I could feel the difference on my long last night. I also need to get back into the habit of Yoga poses to get back that flexibility.


  • The next couple of weeks are going to be interesting from a training perspective. My kids start school – one of them Kindergarten – so the leisurely mornings (and morning run opportunities) end and the getting up earlier with the before 7 AM B.I.S.T. (Butt In Seat Time – the time the kids have to have their butts in the seat in the car so we can get to the bus stop on time) mornings start again. All that to say – unless I can get up and have F.O.TM (feet on treadmill) by 4:30 AM, morning runs might be a memory for me until after Las Vegas so I’ll be running more at night – incidentally, that’s probably a good thing for the next 2 HMs I have planned. In addition to the shake up in the schedule, I am planning to visit family I haven’t seen in years for a baby shower next weekend, so there will be 2 long drive days added in the mix – lost run time… In addition to all of that, I have shortened deadlines at work because of the school start and the trip, plus a work trip I am taking next week so everything is due on Wednesday (read: long work days). I’ll feel lucky to make the 2 runs I already have planned, so it sounds like a good week to step back a smidge.
  • Last week I talked about my need to eat during a run, so I actually did it this week. I tried it both longs this week. I had better results the first long than the second and the only thing that was different was the brand of bar I ate. I like the taste of both, and I’m not sure of anything else I did differently. On my first long, I ate a Clif bar – which I like a lot and have used for a little over a year – but they are not GF. I did feel much, much better the 2nd half of that run (eventually) than I had in previous longs, so I take that as a measure of success. So, in an effort to fully adopt this GF lifestyle, I bought some (much more expensive) Larabar. Incidentally, I like the taste of both of them, and, aside from cost, the only other determining factor is the GF aspect of them.  At the same point in last night’s long (a little past 10k), I ate the Larabar. Only last night, I couldn’t finish all at once because I felt sick to my stomach. In fairness to Larabar, it could have been that I was feeling a little sick before I ate it and having to eat something didn’t feel right to me, so I might have had the same sensation eating Clif. Nevertheless, once I did get it choked down (a lot of walk-run on this part of the segment) – I did feel much, much better and was able to finish the last few miles running. All that to say: it is starting to work… I just have some fine tuning to do.
  • I know that last week I said I might be in trouble with the 10-pm start time… so, this week I started the 2nd long this week a little after 9 PM after another crazy-busy day. I was running errands and doing all kinds of stuff starting as early at 9 am, so I was yawning big time by 7 and getting motivated to run 2 hours when I felt like I wanted to take a nap was tough. But… I drank a little coffee and ate some Chobani yogurt and felt a little better. I started the run nice and slow and cycled my speed from 6.0 to 7.0 (changing by .1 every .25 mi) just so I wouldn’t get bored. I was fine until I ran out of steam a little after 10k (which is usually the point in races when I start to hit the wall) so I ate a little to get some steam back (see above bullet on that). I eventually recovered and finished the full 2 hours (plus 4 min) and the 12 mile goal I had. My biggest concern was about falling asleep – I got home a little after midnight and was asleep before 1 am – and up by 7:30 this morning. I’m not sure I moved all night, though – haha. Point is: I was able to get to sleep, so I’m feeling a little better about getting prepared for the late start time.
  • Garmin 405 update: finally got my new referb back! It is charging now and I should be able to take it out to hunt for satellites a little later on this afternoon.

Hope you all have a great week training!


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