Training Recap: September 18 – Septmeber 24, 2011

Dates: Sunday, 9/18/2011 – Saturday, 9/24/2011

First, an apology for being absent… For those following my @DevilsChasinMe twitter account, you know that I *have* still been (sort of) following plan and (for the most part) keeping up with it… I just have had to use the writing part of my brain for work lately and it hasn’t left a lot of time for writing about running… so… I’m skipping the last 4 weeks and picking up with today for this past week. The only really big things I wanted to tell you about the last 4 weeks were (1) I ran up Lombard Street in San Francisco – and California – and yes, they were tough, but totally worth it and a great memory for me! (2) I did a 10-miler in San Francisco that was my first “good” long in a while and I started to make a connection with the mid-run eating (3) I did another GREAT long back here in Raleighwood last week to test my theory on the mid-run eating, which proved to be correct. More on that in the comments below…

Less than a week to go for #4!!!

Total Running Mileage/Time/Pace:

  • Total Miles:  a very pitiful 8.5 – unintentional taper…
  • Total Time: (if my math is right) 1:18:08
  • Overall average pace for the week: 9:10 (August 10th week 9:11.18)
  • +/- from Last Week: -0:01… nothing surprising or interesting there…

Running Days:

  • Monday: Treadmill, just getting miles in (5.22/48:00 – average pace of 9:12)
  • Friday: Treadmill, just getting miles in (3.29/30:06 – average pace of 9:09)

Cross Training Activities:

  • Saturday: Swim at Gym (1400 m swim/.87 mile / 1:02:54 – average pace 72:18)

Days of rest:

Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – all, unintentional

Goals for the upcoming week:

  1. Just to do something active today through Wednesday and taper right – nothing crazy.
  2. Continue with the GF choices, food-wise. I am starting to feel better.
  3. Stretching, rolling, stretching – last bits and pieces of stretching before a long – I need to make sure I’m bendy.
  4. Packing for my trip!


  • An update on the Gluten issue… I am more convinced than I was a month ago that I need to stay away from gluten as much as I can. I “gave in” and ate a plate of spaghetti last week and regretted it… for a few days. It was enough to avoid it from now on. This week, in particular, I’ve been a lot better about it (mainly because my kids were here and I had to be) and I am feeling better than last week.
  • I believe that I have figured out what works for me – for now – as far as eating during a run. I found some energy bars by Gatorade that have worked well for me (G-Fit Prime) – they’re made of natural stuff like fruits and nuts and so far, have not had any of the gluten ingredients that wear me down. My plan – at the suggestion of some runner friends – was to eat one at the 40-minute mark. I first tried them on a long run I did in San Francisco about a month ago. I brought them because they were small and I had to bring something on a plane, but as it turned out, they worked well (I ate one a little beyond 50-min mark). I tried them again on the couple of longs I had since – an 11-miler (at one at the 40-minute mark, but only brought one so I petered out) and my true test, the 13-miler last Friday. I ate the first one at 50 minutes (because I was still feeling good at 40) and the second at 1:35:00 – I believe they did help. I could feel it more after the second one because I was already pretty fatigued. I believed they worked so much I bought a case of them. (sigh).
  • I know I have worried and fretted about the 10 PM start time, but I believe I have a solution for it. I ended up only getting 2 days to the Disney park, and I figured we’d do the park on Friday and Sunday (the race is Saturday night) and then do something like NASA on Saturday morning and relax at the pool in the afternoon. I also discovered that I run better after drinking coffee. All those years of avoiding it before a run because I thought I might get dehydrated… So, I’m planning to bring some coffee with me and have about 4-6 oz before my race to help with my anxiety about being tired 🙂
  • In case you missed it up there, I swam for almost a mile! That’s incredible to me because something just clicked yesterday. I’ve been eager to get swimming into the mix for a while as a good way to cross train, recover, and save my joints – and I’ve frustrated about my lack of stamina for it. I often joke “I can run 13 miles, but I can’t even swim 25m?!?!?” It wasn’t pretty or perfect, but for the first time ever in my life, I was able to swim an entire 25m length freestyle without a board. I’m pretty proud of that. I spent a little over an hour in the pool with a friend of mine who is a much better swimmer than I am and I just tried emulating what she did. I took it slow and I thought about each stroke. I did the back stroke down and freestyle back for 4 laps, and then I did breaststroke down and back for 1 lap (a much easier stroke for me). I’m sore today, but in a good way. It felt wonderful to finally be successful at swimming and I’m anxious to get back into the pool on Tuesday to do it again. Oh, and finally no frowns for the xt – haha.
  • Garmin 405 update: I got the new one and I think it is OK, but I can’t get a signal downtown and the signal in my neighborhood keeps dropping, so I’m still relying on Runkeeper on my phone as a backup (though, in my neighborhood, it isn’t much better). I plan to reinstall the firmware today and test it during my nOg run tomorrow evening.

Hope you all have a great week training!


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