Training Recap: December 11 – December 17, 2011

Dates: Sunday, 12/11/2011 – Saturday, 12/17/2011

I’ve apologized for this before… but I have been absent basically just keeping up with life in general. I have, however, been trying to keep up with recovery from Las Vegas and planning for my next half, so I thought it would be a good time to try this again… I improved when I took the time to write all this down… I didn’t improve when I didn’t do it. So, in the spirit of improving for next year, I’m starting this habit again this week. Let’s hope I can keep up with it for next week 🙂

Total Running Mileage/Time/Pace:

  • Total Miles:  9.06 – still building back up… and one run was missed due to a partner forgetting his pants… haha.
  • Total Time: (if my math is right) 1:19:58
  • Overall average pace for the week: 8:49.5 … wow. I’m actually kind of impressed by that!!
  • +/- from Last Week: n/a – I’ll start that again next week.

Running Days:

  • Wednesday: downtown run with training partner, who keeps me fast… because he is much faster than me! (5.03/44:09 – average pace of 8:46)
  • Thursday: neighborhood run solo, in search of a new long route – hilly, hilly, hilly (4.03/35:50 – average pace of 8:54, not too bad for a solo run)

Cross Training Activities:

  • Sunday: Swim at Gym (1550 m swim/.96 mile / 1:02:54 – average pace 61:48) – big improvements made here… more on that below
  • Thursday: walked 1.75 miles from my stopping point of my run to my neighborhood
  • Saturday: tons of stretching and yoga poses to loosen up the legs…
  • Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday – all very heavy manual labor efforts in cleaning my house – I have had a bit of time off and have been de-cluttering for the last couple of weeks… and to my surprise, there is a lot of heavy crap in my house… or was…

Days of rest:

not really any, truthfully

Goals for the upcoming week:

  1. Get at least one swim and hopefully add at least 50 more meters to last week’s swim.
  2. Stretching, rolling, stretching – I have not been good about this and it is starting to show… since Vegas, my legs have been tight. I need to be better about doing it at least twice a week – if not more – so I plan to keep this as an ongoing goal until it is a habit.
  3. Nutrition – with the holidays, I’ll admit, my nutrition has been horrible. I need to regain focus.
  4. Mileage goal for Running: (new to this post) This week, I’d like to hit 20 miles. I’m off to a good start…
  5. Mileage goal for Swimming: (new to this post) I’d like to hit a full mile… 1 mile… not .97, but 1.00… or better.
  6. Mileage goal for Spin:  (new to this post) Based on estimates from pedal counts, I’d like to hit something close to 25 mi for a 1 hour ride.
  7. Weekly time goal for Yoga/Stretching: (new to this post) at least 2 days at 45 minutes each session.


  • An update on the Gluten issue… so… I have not talked about this since some recent discoveries (mostly accidental ingestion) have proven to me to more than anything that I do need to keep Gluten out of my diet. I won’t go into detail about it, but let’s say there is no second guessing for me any more. I don’t even think I really need a diagnosis at this point… anecdotal evidence is good enough for me. so… having said that, I don’t think rice has quite the impact on my carb loading as pasta did, so I might have to test with potatoes. I’ll keep you all posted about that.
  • Eating during a 9+ mile run and using the Gatoraid Prime bars continues to work. I’ve also grown to love (and use a lot) Larabars. They are delicious! However, they are expeeeeennnnnnsssiiiivvvee. so… I’ve taken on the challenge of figuring out how to make them myself. The ingredients are dates, some dried fruit, and occasionally salt and/or nuts. How hard can it be? famous last words… haha. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  • Swimming has improved dramatically over the last 3 months since I last posted an update. This, my friends, is what I *love* about taking on new sports… you see improvement quickly. It is much harder to see improvement in my running at this point, though, if I look at it over the entire year, it is clear I have improved quite a bit. Getting back to swimming, though… I’m now able to swim 50 meters at a time without a rest. That is huge for me because it took me about 6 months to get to this point – and I haven’t even been swimming every week like I should. Now that I’ve had this breakthrough, though (and because I’m terrified of running related injury) I’m working more on keeping swimming a weekly activity.
  • Yoga: I know I talk about this almost as much as what I should be doing with the eating, but again, it is clear to me that to avoid injury (again, mainly because I discovered it when I *don’t* do it like I should) I need to get back into a regular habit with this. so… until I make it a regular habit, I’m holding myself accountable here. It is the best I can do.
  • Garmin 405 update: (sigh) the new one is giving me fits, still! grrr… I often joke about having an “anti-technology force field” so that when I get within a certain distance of a gadget of any kind, it just stops working… that is until I have tried everything I can think of to try, including but not limited to rebooting, reinstalling software/firmware, updating said ‘ware, and a myriad of other things, I give up, and seek help and the help (usually a man), just walks in front of the device and (poof) the @#$@^%^# thing works… making me look silly and frustrating the hell out of me… So… I’m going to try a (ahem) hard boot on this watch. It flaked on me again today – recorded all of my run, but flaked out during the run so I couldn’t see the stats. Not only that, but I simply won’t work with RK (sigh).
  • I’m trying a new app – Ok… never satisified and always looking for ways to improve, I stumbled upon an iPhone app that works with RunKeeper called iSmoothRun. I wasn’t planning to run tomorrow, but now I think I’ll take a short one just to see how it works… because I’m a nerd like that. haha.

Hope you all have a great week training!


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