Training Recap: December 18 – December 24, 2011

Dates: Sunday, 12/18/2011 – Saturday, 12/24/2011

A day late, but I’m posting this week! Let’s hope I can keep up with it for next week 🙂

Total Running Mileage/Time/Pace:

  • Total Miles:  19.98 – goal was 20mi… close enough to goal that I’m counting it! Last week: 9.06 (+10.92)
  • Total Time: (if my math is right) 2:57:47; Last week: 1:19:58 (+1:37:49)
  • Overall average pace for the week: 8:53.88 … wow. I’m actually kind of impressed by that, especially considering the increased mileage.
  • Average Duration per activity (new): 59:15.66
  • +/- from Last Week: mileage: +10.92 mi; pace +00:04.38, which I’m proud of considering the massive increase in overall mileage;  overall duration increased by over 90 minutes at 1:37:49.

Running Days:

  • Sunday: long run on the American Tobacco Trail with new running buddy who is pretty close to my speed – she kept me in check so I ended up not burning out. (8.02/1:12:27 – average pace of 9:02)
  • Wednesday: Mid-length training run downtown Raleigh with regular running buddy (the fast guy): 5.26 mi (we were only supposed to do 4.5 to 5 that day – oops… 47:08 duration / 8:47 average pace)
  • Friday: Mid-length training run on the American Tobacco Trail with regular running buddy (6.70/57:43 – kicking butt with an average pace of 8:37, my best longer-mid average pace in a long, long time)

Cross Training Activities:

  • Thursday: Swim at Gym (1000 m swim/.62 mile / 34:58 – average pace 56:24) – big improvements made here again this week… more on that below
  • Monday, and Saturday – all very heavy manual labor efforts in cleaning my house – I have had a bit of time off and have been de-cluttering for the last couple of weeks… and to my surprise, there is a lot of heavy crap in my house… or was…

Days of rest:

  • Tuesday, unplanned – due to a traffic accident on Monday

Progress on Last Week’s Goals for the upcoming week:

  1. Get at least one swim and hopefully add at least 50 more meters to last week’s swim – I did get one swim in, but the distance wasn’t as far due to a limited time frame… and poor scheduling on my part. On an up note, though, I did all 50m intervals and I did them faster than the week before by a long shot. It felt difficult and sloppy, but I understand why now. I wasn’t really working on speed, but I guess because I knew I had limited time, I was trying to get in as much as I could.
  2. Stretching, rolling, stretching – I did a little stretching here and there as I felt tight, but I didn’t have a focused stretch or yoga session like I should have. Keeping on the goals list for next week.
  3. Nutrition/Eating Better – I’ll admit I didn’t do *that* well with this – still ate a little more junk food than I usually do, but I did eat potatoes before a run and felt infinitely better than when I eat rice, so I’m going to try an experiment on this subject in the upcoming weeks..
  4. Mileage goal for Running: 20 miles. Short by a couple of hundredths, but I’m going to count it as “made goal” because of the margin of error.
  5. Mileage goal for Swimming: I’d like to hit a full mile… 1 mile… not .97, but 1.00… or better. Didn’t happen this week, due to a couple of factors – explain more below, but I am proud of my swimming for the week and I’m planning to change this goal a bit.
  6. Mileage goal for Spin: Based on estimates from pedal counts, I’d like to hit something close to 25 mi for a 1 hour ride. Didn’t get a spin in at all this week, due to a couple of factors, which I explain below…
  7. Weekly time goal for Yoga/Stretching: at least 2 days at 45 minutes each session. I’d say that with the bit I did do, I got about 3 days of about 10 minutes each day – better than last week, but I’m keeping this goal for next week because this needs to happen.

Goals for the upcoming week:

  1. Running: 22 miles, at least 4 runs and overall average pace below 9mm.
  2. Swimming: at least one 1600m swim, work on stroke counts (to get down and back more efficiently) and gradually reduce the amount of time for rests between 50m intervals.
  3. Spin/Cycle: at least one 1-hr ride with average pedal counts at around 96-100 rpm for the full hour.
  4. Yoga/Core: at least one yoga session and at least one Bender Ball core session on a run or cycle day
  5. Stretching, rolling, stretching – do at least 3 stretch routines in the morning when I get up and again in the evening before bed.
  6. Nutrition – get rid of the junk food from the holidays; start a diet journal with potatoes as my carb-load food (instead of rice) and see how it goes.
  7. Training Plan: I need to write up and start a training plan for the new Hilton Head Half Marathon that I registered for this week. That’ll be number 6 on the 50-states goal. I think my goal for this training plan should be to focus on getting beyond 13 mi in training runs (up to 14 or 15), adding in interval work, and longer tempo runs.


  • Number 6! As you saw in the last bullet, I signed up for my 6th half marathon – the Hilton Head Half Marathon in Hilton Head Island, SC on 2/11/12. I’m pretty excited about that one because it is close, flat, and inexpensive… not only that, but after Vegas, it sounds pretty small. I like small races. I hope it is small 🙂
  • This was an unusual week because of the holidays. I’m still proud of the fact that I was able to hit 20 miles this week, though, so I’ll take it. I had a bit of an issue with missing runs/workouts on Monday and Tuesday due to a car accident I was involved in on Monday afternoon. I’m fine, my car is fine, none of the kids were with me, but it shook me up and, because I’ve had back issues my entire life, I decided to play it safe and not run on Tuesday. I did run on Wednesday and I’ve felt fine since.
  • An update on the Gluten issue… Potatoes. I’ve been eating rice and I’ve not had much energy to get through a longer run as a result. I decided this week to eat potatoes before my 8-mi long and again before the 6.7 long and both actually felt much better to me than in a long, long time. I didn’t feel like I was struggling. I’m going to test that theory with some hills next week, I think.
  • Eating during long runs – I managed an 8 mile run without having to stop to refuel (after having had potatoes the night before) so I’ll keep bringing the power bars, but I’m going to try to reserve them for the double-digit runs.
  • Swimming appears to continue to improve, even when it doesn’t feel like it is. I have a friend that recommended I do a tri – and gave me some great advice on my approach to swimming to make my first tri successful. She recommended that I work on lowering the number of strokes per length (the pool is 25m short) making my strokes more efficient so I don’t get so tired. That should also help with speed later, but for now, it is more about fatigue management, I think. This is the approach I want to take this week, probably tomorrow. I’ll use my next swim as a baseline for counting strokes and work from there.
  • Yoga: Santa brought me Blu Ray player and I have the ability to stream stuff as well as play videos from a USB and over my home network, so… I’m thinking I’ll just bite the bullet and find a good Yoga for Runners DVD or something and get it. It is time.
  • Garmin 405 update: wouldn’t you know it… the dang thing worked like magic this whole week. (shrug) ok, then… still won’t upload to RK, so I posted on their site. I can export the TCX file and upload that to RK – if I have to, I will… just hoping to make things more efficient, not less.
  • iSmoothRun. I’ve only used it one run, and so far… I’m not terribly impressed, other than it has the ability to auto pause and captures weather data for me (otherwise, I’m just guessing) but I can’t see the data as I’m running… not sure about it yet…. I’ll test it more this week and see if I stumble over stuff I like about it more.

Hope you all have a great week training!


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