2012 Goals

I don’t do resolutions, so here are my goals for 2012, as they pertain to running and cross-training. I didn’t do this for 2011, though, I had some silent directional goals I worked on and progressed with them.

For 2012, however, I’d like to have some stated goals that I’ll work on specifically. My plan is to check in with these goals periodically throughout the year, and adjust them as I need to do so. Here’s what I’d like to see happen this year. Nothing crazy, just incrementally better than last year…

  • Half Marathons – in 2011, I did three half marathons. I’d like to do at least 3, ideally 4. I have already registered for two – one in February (Hilton Head Half Marathon) and one in May (OneAmerican Mini Marathon) so the second half of the year is wide open. I may look for doing one fly-distance (like NoCal, OR, WA in August) and maybe one longer drive where I have family, such as MD or NJ in the late fall. Outside of the OneAmerica race, I’m focusing on smaller races this year, after the debacle in Las Vegas in December of 2011.
  • Other Races – I’d like to start doing longer distance races as a whole. I am registered for one 10-mile race (Tarheel 10-miler) at the end of April of 2012, and I’m thinking of registering for an 8k in March; if scheduling works out (and I can find them!) I’d like to do three 10k races this year, replacing one of my 5k races with a 10k and one of them with an 8k. If I can find an early fall 10-miler, I’d like to replace one of the 5k races with a 10-miler, too, which would leave me three 5k races, two 8k races, three 10k races, two 10-mile races and 3 to 4 half marathons. Get on that RDs in the Raleigh-Durham area – haha.
  • Running Mileage – In 2011, my recorded mileage was 737 miles. I’d like to record over 775 for 2012. That should be achievable if I am able to get in 4 half marathons and the longer races… and record every run.
  • Average Pace – in 2011 my average pace for all runs (including races of all distances and training runs) amounted to 9:16, which I’m actually pretty proud of. However, in the spirit of always improving, I’d like to lower that so my goal in 2012 is to have overall pace for all 775 miles be lower than 9:15.
  • Overall Duration for Running – in 2011 my overall duration per run was 50:37 – pretty good. I’d like to get that closer to an hour, so my 2012 goal for duration is to be over 51:00 per activity.
  • Spinning – I’d like to increase the number of spinning activities. In 2011, my total number of logged spinning activities was 21. I’d like to make that 24 for 2012 – that’s two a month. I should be able to do that. I was happy with my duration for 2011 of 1:05, so I’d like to make my goal for 2012 be at least 1:05 for each spin; I’d also like my goal for each ride to amount to 100 RPM or about 25 miles per ride (pedal count).
  • Cycling – I’d like to buy a bike and try outdoor riding this year
  • Swimming – In 2011, I just got started with swimming, so I have some room for improvement here. I’d like to set a goal of 24 activities for the year – or 2 a month (2011, I had 17), and I’d like to focus my time in the water on getting more efficient with swimming and lowering my stroke count. I am starting off with stroke counts over 30 for 25 meters and I think that is way too high. According to some of my runner friends, it should be closer to 18-20 for a 25m short length, so my goal is to, by year end, have an average stroke count in the neighborhood of 20-24 per 25m. Ancillary to that goal (or maybe as a direct result of making that goal) I’d like to also be able to swim 100m without stopping before June so I can feel more comfortable about an open water 500m swim by the fall.
  • Tri – I’d like to do a tri sprint in the fall.
  • PRs – I’d like to PR my 10-miler this year (time to beat is 1:29:40-ish) and I’d like to break 1:59:00 for all of my half marathons this year (not a PR, but approaching it and faster than all of the last 4 races I’ve done). I’d also like to break my 5k PR of 24:30 this year, even if it is by one second and I’d like to break the 8k PR this year (40:50-ish, I think), as well as my 10k PR (51:11) which I believe is also achievable.
  • Weight Training – I’ve been bad about weight training and it is becoming clear to me that I need it. I’m looking into several classes at my gym, including pilates, core training and a free-weights class called strictly strength. I’m paying for it, I should use it. Therefore, my goal is 36 activities for the year – that’s 3 a month or once a week. That should be achievable.
  • Yoga – I’ve talked about this a lot because I know I need to do it… I have a mental block with yoga, though… I think it is because I’m overwhelmed with all the different types and figuring out the right one for runners and doing it the right way… blah, blah, blah… I think I need a class because I don’t want to do it wrong, but most of the classes at my gym happen during the work day or conflict with the handful of weight training classes or precious time getting cross-training or runs in… so, I may need to adjust my schedule and do more running at lunch and buy a dvd so I can do yoga at home. Either way, I need to do it. There. I said it. I mainly think this will help me with my number one goal: avoid an injury. So, my goal is going to be 48 activities for the year, that’s 4 a month, which is roughly once a week (with rounding) so I think that’s also achievable.
  • This Blog – I tend to improve more when I write stuff down, so I’m going to have to be more disciplined (and efficient) at keeping up with this blog. My plan is to write at least one entry every week summarizing my training for the week, write a post for each race, and once every 3 months, updating on my goal progress. I think that’s achievable since I don’t even have a race at all until February. That gives me time to finally catch up on all my race reports for 2011.

That should do it for 2012. Nothing crazy, but I do have a few bigger goals in there that I’d like to see happen. Good luck to all of you in 2012!


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