Training Recap: January 1 – January 6, 2012

Dates: Sunday, 1/1/2012 – Saturday, 1/6/2012

Better late than never… most of the way through this week, and I am just now posting last week’s… sigh… In summary, the week started off great and ended with a bang… literally.

Total Running Mileage/Time/Pace:

  • Total Miles:  16.9 Very short of the 26 mile goal because of unexpected changes in my schedule (I had my boys for almost 2 full weeks) and a pretty nasty fall on Friday. I was on target for 26, though, because my long was supposed to be 10 on the Saturday after my fall. Last week: 24.0 (-7.10)
  • Total Time: 2:44:16; last week: 3:39:16(-55:00)
  • Overall average pace for the week: 9:43 – Last week:  9:08 (+00:35-ish) slowed down even more from last week – had a technical trail and a couple of slower group runs (which I still think I needed) and I missed my interval again because of scheduling.
  • Average Duration per activity: 41:04 – Last week: 54:49 – that number suffered because I missed my super long….

Running Days:

  • Monday: I did two runs on Monday – I met my usual running buddy for a pretty technical trail run in the morning (he was training for Ragnar Relay at the time) that netted us a little over 5.5, and then I met the Tir Na Nog Run group for another 5.25 that evening.
  • Tuesday: Did one last run with my usual running buddy before his Ragnar Relay and ended up with 3.1 for this day.
  • Friday: tried a tempo run with a goal distance of 4.5 to 5 and average pace of 8:45 as a start/benchmark. I took a hard fall inside of the first mile. I walked for a bit and decided that, since I didn’t have much pain beyond my abrasions, I should keep going – I ended up with 3 miles for this run.

Cross Training Activities:

  • Sunday: Strength Training (free weights) class at the gym, followed by a 19 mile/45 min cycle ride
  • Wednesday: Abs workout from the yoga video I found while I was cleaning – tore my abs up… can’t wait to do it again.

Days of rest:

  • Thursday: another unplanned due to schedule.

Goals for the upcoming week:

These are all the same as last week with the exception of the overall mileage for running…

  1. Running: 26 miles, at least 4 runs and overall average pace below 9mm. – Not on target for this yet, but it is only Wednesday… we’ll see what tomorrow holds.
  2. Swimming: at least one 1600m swim, work on stroke counts (to get down and back more efficiently) and gradually reduce the amount of time for rests between 50m intervals. Again… we’ll see what the end of the week holds for me…
  3. Spin/Cycle: at least one 1-hr ride with average pedal counts at around 96-100 rpm for the full hour. – probably not going to make that this week, but we’ll see…
  4. Yoga/Core: at least one yoga session and at least one Bender Ball core session on a run or cycle day. I found the DVD, so… I got it started… doesn’t count, though, unless I actually put in the DVD, so…
  5. Stretching, rolling, stretching – do at least 3 stretch routines in the morning when I get up and again in the evening before bed. On target for this one
  6. Nutrition – get rid of the junk food from the holidays; start a diet journal with potatoes as my carb-load food (instead of rice) and see how it goes. On target for this one.
  7. Training Plan: I have the outline of my plan done – looks like I’ll be working on this plan for the Mini-Marathon, not for Hilton Head. I’m too close to Hilton. I’m just trying not to *loose* any of my conditioning at this point… oh, and trying not to fall again.


  • An update on the Gluten issue… I haven’t started my food journal yet, but I have noticed that potatoes have helped. I’ve also gone back to my oats (GF of course) and blueberries to fuel my longs – I’m going to test that again this weekend and see how it goes.
  • Eating during long runs – TBD… if the potatoes and Oats/Blueberries works, this might not be an issue…
  • Garmin 405 update: I scratched the bezel when I fell and, Lordy, was I mad. I also crushed the screen to my iPhone 3Gs (sigh). I honestly think I was more pissed about the Garmin than I was my phone. Sad, no? Thankfully, it still works and seems to be tracking me correctly, so I’m hoping it is just cosmetic.
  • iSmoothRun. I was starting to like this app before my fall. I haven’t used it since… I did upgrade to the 4s and I’m just waiting on my case to get here before I start taking it with me on runs again. I really want to tinker with this app – it seems to be all the stuff I really ever wanted in a single place… and, I think I’m just scratching the surface of what it can do… I’ll write up a full review once I’ve used it for a while, but, until then, you’ll have to read the daily minutia of me figuring it out – haha.

Here’s to catching up for this week… hope you are having a great week training!


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