Not Really a New Low

Originally, I was going to write this post about the coldest run I’ve ever done because, honestly, I thought it would have been the coldest run I’d ever done. I was warned that Kansas, especially this time of year, was brutally cold, brutally windy and just a tough run in the winter.

It wasn’t.

In fact, the run I did just before I went to Overland Park, KS was colder (in North Carolina) than it was there on that day during that run.


But… I didn’t know that before I left, so I threw into my bag all the winter gear I could find – two pair of gloves… heat generating layers (from, of all places Old Navy – and now they’re all gone!) a couple of layers of shirts… tights AND pants… a jacket even that, for all intent and purpose, glows in the dark (that, incidentally I found on the clearance rack at Target for $11).  I was told I needed something to cover my face, so those couple of layers included half zips that came up around my neck with fleece headband that I refused to wear around my head because I looked like a Puritan (not kidding) so I put it around my neck so I could breathe into it when the air was too cold, and for my head, I opted for an even dumber looking beanie hat. Priorities, people!

I packed enough of this stuff for two runs outside during my trip… you know, just in case. I was only going to be there 3 full days and 4 nights but I had the big suit case packed with more running gear than I had business attire for my meetings. I had one group run planned and nothing was going to stop that, primarily because none of us wanted to let the others down (or at least that was *my* reason for not wussing out). So, when I heard it was supposed to be 18 the night before, I was prepared for my first official sub-20 run.

And I was kind of excited about it.

That morning, I layered it on… I mean, I almost looked like Randy from “A Christmas Story” – even joking “I can’t put my arms down!” (I could but it was funny so….) I got out side and… it… didn’t… feel… like… 18…. dang.

I think it was actually 30.

So… I had to run like that… for 5 miles. I did it with a sweet sunny smile on my face, but damn it, I was hot. It is ok to admit I was actually disappointed it wasn’t 18? Not that I really WANT to run in dangerous temperatures like that, but I thought it would be a good experience to be able to say “I’ve done that”, kind of like running up California Street in San Fransisco (still probably the steepest urban hill I can think of that I’ve actually run on foot) or running in over 100 degree temperatures (do that every summer here like an idiot because I hate the treadmill) or in a thunderstorm (ok, stupid again, but I thought I could out run it…).

The run itself was mundane – it was dark and I was pretty tired so I worried the whole time about tripping and falling. I just couldn’t enjoy it as much as if it had been a little lighter and I was able to see better or at least see some of the town a little better. I adapted, because you have to adapt as a runner… sometimes you are at the mercy of the weather…. and Mother Nature is sneaky some times.

I will get back to my training updates this weekend. Hope you all have a great rest of your week!


2 thoughts on “Not Really a New Low

    • hahah! Indeed! I don’t function well at 6 am before my coffee 🙂 Rain usually doesn’t stop my run – ice and lighting are my show stoppers. I would have done it even if it was 18. The forecast said 18, but it didn’t feel like 18 – at the end, iSmoothRun said it was 29. ah… well… next time…

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