Personal Best… for Today

My friends… I have no idea what has gotten into me lately. Something crazy enough for me to actually write out the word “gotten”, a word I particularly hate as a writer… and, yes, I cringed as my fingers typed those letters in succession. I’m also *totally* beaming as I write this, and, yes… I cringed as I wrote that, too because I sound like a 12 year old girl, but I don’t really care.

That is how happy I am about this.

This week has been particularly remarkable for me as a runner. I hit three really huge goals – I ran my longest ever distance in a single run (14 miles), I beat my previous (complete outlier) mileage month at 93 miles, and I finally did 4×800 speed intervals *all* under an 8 minute mile.

All in ONE week. (squeeealll)

I know hard work played into it, but there might have been more to it than that… I haven’t been racing much, and, to some degree, I think I’m having withdrawals. I can tell because I pick out someone to pass every damn time I get out there to run. Every. Damn. Time. But, in addition to the withdrawals, I think not racing as much has forced me to focus more on training. Maybe (hopefully) these are the dividends for that.

Another factor, this one physical, that might be part of it is my change in diet. I have been more strict about the gluten free diet lately and have worked on replacing rice with potatoes and it feels like it is starting to help. I don’t feel as tired and bloated and I feel like I have more energy. I’ve also (on the advice of a friend) started carb-loading a few days before long runs and races, not just the night before. That feels like it is starting to make a difference too. Trust me, I will talk about the Gluten Free running very soon on here – I’m still working out the angle – and/or if I’m doing a series of posts about it. I believe, though, it is working and it is impacting my performance overall in a positive way. Now, if I could only find something to eat at parties and stuff where I don’t have to bring my own, we’re in business.

Or… maybe… it is another event that pushed me beyond where I had been stagnated for so long… Did I mention that it was the week I had a birthday? Maybe that was the driver… somehow thinking I need to make the most of my last year in this age group? Maybe some how refusing to accept that getting older means I have to slow down now – I can slow down later. After all, there have been women up to 20 years older than me kicking my butt in several races. I have thought about getting older and how it will affect my running but I believe I still have a few years of improvement in me and I’m striving for that… and hopefully I can enjoy kicking the butts of all the younger ladies in the largest age group of all the races I do, while I’m still in it. That is secretly my goal this year.

I get a little too hung up on stats sometimes – I think a lot of us do. Stats are how we know we are on the right track (pun absolutely intended). How can you improve if you don’t know where you are? Maybe that is the accountant in me… I know just from having re-read some of my posts lately that I tend to be a little, uh… nerdy, about my stats. All of those numbers are usually for me – I fee like they help me find things I can do to improve. Occasionally, however, they do allow me to brag… just a little. I really hope this is more of a step toward the next level than it is an outlier.

I hope I can capture all of my stats and a few more details in my training update for this week, which I plan to write on Saturday (my boys requested a ‘bum around the house day’ and I agreed that we all needed that – sounds like a great time to catch up here). In the mean time, though, I wanted to share my giddiness with some folks who might understand it.

Have a great night everybody!


3 thoughts on “Personal Best… for Today

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