Training Recap: January 29 – February 4, 2012

Dates: Sunday, 2/29/2012 – Saturday, 2/4/2012

I am wrapping up probably one of the best training weeks I have ever had… and finally have the time to tell you all about it. woo hoo! I don’t have comparisons this week, but I had personal records all over the place, so I’ll note them when I get to them. All of this in preparation for my next half marathon – number 6 – in Hilton Head Island (SC) next weekend. I’ll be ninja like in my approach – drive down the night before, do the race, shower drive back. I’m very much looking forward to it. I understand it is a fast flat course and, quite frankly, after Las Vegas, my ego could use fast and flat (and under 1:59:00, while I’m listing…)

Total Running Mileage/Time/Pace:

  • Total Miles:  (drum roll please…) 37.5 – that is a week PR by almost 10 miles!! I have flirted with 30 so many times before, that I actually gasped when I saw this on my RunKeeper stats today. I have a huge smile on my face!
  • Total Time:  5:45:10
  • Overall average pace for the week: 9:12 – very very happy about this, especially since today’s 10 was all under 9 and my speed interval from Thursday included 4x800s at all sub 8 pace.
  • Total running activities:  5
  • Average Duration per activity:  1:09:02

Running Days:

  • Sunday: With the help of some running friends, I attempted (and met) the goal of my longest ever run, 14 miles. One of my friends, recovering from an injury, rode her bike; one of my friends also hit his distance PR at 8 miles (and subsequently signed up for a half marathon this week), and my other friend, training for a full, continued with me to finish 14. I was wiped out, but I was happy… and looking forward to doing that one again. Duration was 2:19:51 and average pace was 9:59. His Garmin wasn’t in sync with mine so he stopped when mine was still a little short, so I went over 14 just to make sure!
  • Tuesday: I was sooooo close to getting a PR for distance for a month, so I decided to do a shorter run on Tuesday to get it. My usual running buddy couldn’t make the 14 miler, so he agreed to go with me for this one. We did 3.43 at 8:41 average pace (faster than we agreed to, but I was happy with it).
  • Thursday: It had been a while since I had done any interval work, so I decided to get some intervals in and try (again) to complete that elusive 4th 800m interval that I can’t ever seem to get. I fueled like a long for it and went in with the attitude that I was going to get it done because if I can do 14, surely, I can do this. Well, I did it. I did 4x800s on a treadmill at 7.6, 7.7, 7.8 and 7.9/7.8!! And… another first for me is that my rests between were actually 400m (usually, I do 800 rests). I ended up with 3.5 at 7:48 average pace overall (the 400s were all sub 9). I’m not sure *this* will occur again anytime in the near future, but damn if I am not going to try for it again…
  • Friday: I woke up late and had a bunch of stuff to do for my son’s birthday party, so I planned to only run 3 to 4 miles… however, once I got to 2, I was almost at a store I needed to go to so I could get some last minute supplies for his party. I could only really carry one thing home, so I decided to get the gf cake mix and run home with it. Because of this little activity, I ended up with 6.43 miles for the day and still a respectable average pace of 9:20 with all the traffic I had to cross.
  • Saturday: I wanted one last tempo/goal pace run before my half, so I decided to do a 10-miler at the flattest place I can find around here – a trail that is actually pretty popular. I parked in the middle and ran 5 out and back to make it a full 10. I kept my pace under 9 for all but 2 miles of it, and those 2 I was barely over 9. I’m very, very happy with this! I just hope this translates well for next week!

Cross Training Activities:

  • none, unfortunately.

Days of rest:

  • Monday: working late to afford the days off I took later in the week
  • Wednesday: birthday celebrations so no real window to do it

Goals for the upcoming week:

I’m running a race this week…

  1. Stretching/Rolling in advance of the half marathon
  2. At least one swim (fingers crossed) – maybe tomorrow??
  3. Yoga/Core: at least one yoga session and some core work, including some planks for over 60 sec… let’s say 75, to put a number on it.
  4. Don’t do too much mileage – be OK with 1/2 of what I did this week – I’m *supposed* to be tapering…

Here’s to catching up for this week… hope you are having a great week training!


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