Stealing Energy

I’ve talked about my boys before… they are 5 and 7 now. The 5 year old has told me – on many occasions – that he wants to run with me and I’m beyond flattered that he’s taken an interest in my lifestyle. I want to do anything I can to foster that – especially if it leads to a lifetime of him adopting the same lifestyle.

For that reason, I decided to take the boys on a run.

I had tried a couple of times before but it was too dark or too rainy or too cold. This weekend was nasty, except for Sunday – a little blustery and kind of chilly, but not too bad. It was our first official run and I talked it up all weekend since they came back to my house. The older one was *so* not in the mood for it, but the younger one was bouncing more than usual in excitement to go. I told them to put on their “fast” shoes and we headed out the door.

The little one (I call him Yoda) is just full of energy – I wish I could bottle that and save it for later so I can just keep up with him. He was beside himself with excitement, so much so that I couldn’t get him to stop talking about it until after we went and then he was so proud he recapped the run for me as though I wasn’t there. The older one (I call him Vader) just didn’t like the idea of running because of a bad experience he had with it last summer. He complained before we left. He complained while we were out. He complained after we returned.

Vader really didn’t want to be there.

I opened the door to let them out and Yoda took off like a bat out of Hell. I actually had to scold him for going too fast. Vader, on the other hand, was trailing so far behind I was scolding him for going too sloooooowwwww. Typical scene – one is always 20 feet ahead, the other is always 20 feet behind and half of my day is “hurry up” to one and “slow down” to the other. The route I picked is just under 3/4 a mile – nothing huge, just a loop in our neighborhood. Yoda and I would run to a stop sign, and then stop and wait for Vader. Let Vader get ahead, pass him on route to the next stop sign, where we would stop and wait again for Vader.

At the last part of the loop, there is a hill – nothing significant, but it has kicked my behind a time or two. They are hard to avoid and this is the shortest loop we had, so I really had no choice but to take them up the hill which, unfortunately, is at the end of the route. We let Vader go ahead, as we had done before, and it seemed like he was getting a second wind. Anxious to encourage him to keep going and keep his energy high, I cheered him on “you’re doing great! Keep it up!! Look at you!! You’re doing awesome!”

Then… Yoda comes up behind him and flies around shouting “I’m stealing Vader’s energy!”

That was all Vader needed – the two of them raced to the top of the hill, arguing and complaining the whole way. I trotted behind them encouraging them to keep going… until they got to the stop sign.

It was a pretty happy moment for me to watch them argue about stealing energy.

I plan to take them out again tomorrow – hopefully the weather will be nicer. If you follow me on Twitter and notice these shorter, less-than-a-mile runs popping up, just keep in mind that I’m letting my littles steal energy.



4 thoughts on “Stealing Energy

  1. I look forward to having kids and having to go through this! Keep your head up! It’s great you have them out with you! :0)

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