I’m Still Here… I swear…

Good evening, my friends!

I realize it has been almost 10 whole days since I last posted… but I am still here… and still running… and still feeling better bit by bit. Still logging miles. Actually getting cross-training in – something I’ve griped and moaned about for ages. I’m actually doing it!

In fact… I had my fastest run in a while today. My usual running partner and I were both a little stressed about a myriad of things circling above our heads and just took off.

Like bats out of Hell.

Guess the name of my blog is a little fitting today. Ah, but I feel better and I’m pretty proud of that run. I’m on target to reach 85 miles this month and I must say, I’m floored that I am getting that because I wasn’t sure I’d make half that about 20 days ago. Since the pity party is officially over, it is time to go back to work. I’ll post my stats at the end of the month – it’ll just be a little cleaner that way.

So… another thing that has slowed my posting is that I’ve started another project… I’ll post more about that later, but, if you’re interested, I have a blog about that project too. Let’s put it this way… that project is giving me stuff to talk about during my runs that make me *not* think about my speed (and gives me an average 8:30 4-miler – woo hoo!)

Hope you have a great night and happy training!


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