The “Other” Project

My friends… you read that right…. Because one big list is apparently just not enough for me… I derive a lot of satisfaction from crossing stuff off a list – this list is going well, really, but I can’t cross stuff off fast enough.

So… I adopted another one: watching all of the movies from the AFI 100 Movies from 100 Years (10th Anniversary) list. I got this idea from one of my run buddies who mentioned it on a run and, as he was talking about movies, I realized I hadn’t seen most of the ones he discussed. In fact – in looking at the list, I had only seen 28 completely, probably bits and pieces of about 8 more. Less than half! All these films being talked about I hadn’t seen them.

I started to feel left out.

I needed some personal enrichment. I needed something to talk about during the runs that had nothing to do with work, politics or religion. Movies seemed like a pretty safe topic. I’m not much of a reader, not everyone is into the music I like, and nobody – and I mean nobody – cares an iota about my cameras or photography. If you’re suffering from insomnia, ask me about photography. Probably not a great topic for run chatter. Movies – however – I can do that.

Challenge Accepted.

And… because, like this project, I wanted to remember what I thought about the movies at the time I watched them, I wanted to blog about it. So, here it is, if you’re interested: my list. I call it Celluloid Heroes And Stuff (yes, also named after a song) and I’m up to 95 now: “The Last Picture Show”. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen the posts coming through.

But… I am keeping up with my running… and I will be more likely to keep up with this blog because I have it open already for that one, so there are no excuses. I have 2 big races I’m training for and starting to look for the 1 to 2 I’m going to venture to do in the latter half of the year. I’ve scaled back the racing to save a little money (and really focus on training – it seems to be working so far) but I’m anxious to cross more half marathons off my list this year! This list is the “between Pikermis” list.



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