2012 Training Summary By Month – March

Hello! Happy April to you all! I hope your March was a good one. Mine started off with a bit of discomfort, but I seem to have recovered from that just in time for the heat (and humidity) to begin to put kinks in my training as I try – again – to acclimate to the hot weather running. Now that it is officially the end of the month, time to check in my 2012 goals. You’ll find my February and January stats below March.

Cumulative 2012 through 3/31/2012:

So far this year, I’m behind only really on swimming and the weight training, although, I did have 2 weight training activities this month and plan for at least once a week (thanks to my training partner) so I hope to keep up with this throughout the remainder of the year. As far as my running is concerned, however, I’m pretty happy with what I see here! I was curious about how I was doing – running-wise – since last year, so I put the same calculations from this period last year in parentheses after the number from this year for the running stats. It is no wonder to me why I did not do well in some of those races and half marathons. February of 2011, I only had 3 runs. THREE!?!?! This helps me keep perspective and stay motivated. I may do this next month if I think about it.

  • Total Running Mileage: 269.2 (2011: 130.3)
  • Total Running Duration: 41:07:57 (2011: 20:03:50)
  • Total Running Average Pace: 9:29.08 (2011: 9:14)
  • Number of Running Activities: 55 (2011: 23)
  • Duration per Running Activity: 44:52 (2011: 52:20)
  • Distance per Running Activity: 4.89 mi (2011: 5.66)
  • Swimming Totals: 1 activity / 1 mile (1600m) / duration and average pace – 58:32
  • Cycling/Spinning Totals: 6 activities / 128.2 miles total (avg 21.36 per activity) / duration 5:27:15 (avg 54:32 per activity)
  • Other/Weight Training: *finally* getting around to adding this statistic 🙂 2 activities/ duration: 60:00 (avg 30:00 per activity) – including quad/hamstring weight training, back/abs isometrics (plank, crunches), stretching and some yoga poses.
  • Races: Hilton Head Half Marathon (2/11/2012)

March 2012:

Given how I felt at the start of the month, I’m impressed with my numbers this month. I also spent some time running with my 5 and 7 year olds who are enthusiastic, but not patient with the pacing. We’re working on that 😉 I might track those runs separately going forward so I can see what I actually did for training, but for this month, those are included below. Considering the start of my month, I only hit one long run – a 10 mile – late in the month, so I have some make up to do for endurance/stamina beyond 10 miles in the first half of April. To work around my inability to get the longs, I ran shorter distances more frequently to cover the difference I lost missing those longs and I’m ultimately pretty happy with my mileage this month. I’m looking to April to help me get back into the swing of the longer distances – hopefully a 14-miler – to help me prepare for my next half in May. My April mileage goal is between 85 and 90. I have the Tarheel 10-mile race on 4/21, and I am hoping to beat my time from that race last year. That is the only race I have scheduled for April because of the proximity of it to the OneAmerica Indy Days half marathon I have May 5 (two weeks). So, to reach my mileage goal, the mileage will have to be front-loaded in the month… which means I need to make sure I get to the gym today! Here is what I did in March:

  • Total Running Mileage: 85.1
  • Total Running Duration: 13:02:14
  • Total Running Average Pace: 9:11
  • Number of Running Activities: 22
  • Duration per Running Activity: 35.33
  • Average Miles per Running Activity: 3.86
  • Swimming Totals: 0 activities
  • Cycling/Spinning Totals: 3 activities / 62.7 miles total (avg 20.9 per activity) / duration 2:40:56 (avg 53:38 per activity)
  • Other: Weight/isometric training: 2, 30 minutes per session
  • Races: none

February 2012:

I’m very, very happy with February… I didn’t think I would get 75 miles and pretty much wrote off February until this past weekend when I realized how close I was to 90 – I took advantage of the extra day and pushed it to 90. Happy that I got in 2 spin activities – wished I was able to get at least one more swim, but I got a really good one in and that’s better than nothing so I’ll take it.

  • Total Running Mileage: 90.5
  • Total Running Duration: 13:31:57
  • Total Running Average Pace: 8:58
  • Number of Running Activities: 16
  • Duration per Running Activity: 50:44
  • Swimming Totals: 1 activity / 1 mile (1600m) / duration and average pace – 58:32
  • Cycling/Spinning Totals: 2 activities / 46.5 miles total (avg 23.25 per activity) / duration 2:04:33 (avg 1:02:16 per activity)
  • Races: Hilton Head Half Marathon (2/11/2012)

January 2012:

  • Total Running Mileage: 93.6 *monthly mileage PR for me
  • Total Running Duration: 14:33:45
  • Total Running Average Pace: 9:20
  • Number of Running Activities: 17
  • Duration per Running Activity: 51:23
  • Swimming Totals: (none)
  • Cycling/Spinning Totals: 1 activity / 19.0 miles total  / duration 41:44 (total and average)
  • Races: (none)

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