At the Back of the Pack

My friends…

It happens every year this time. My busy season. Between the months of April and June, I have to write and think more than I do all other months combined and I usually have several projects being juggled at once and I’m racing desperately to not let any of them actually hit the ground. Not gracefully, I might add. As a result of these long days and constant changes in content during those 12+ hour days, my brain literally hurts at the end of them and I can tell that the synapses I usually rely on for my wit and (ahem) wisdom are tired and don’t reach their destination.

Uncomfortable, at best.

I have slowly started to accept, however, that this isn’t my usual “busy season” rush – the projects are coming at me heavier and faster than ever before. At some point, I have to learn how to say no (and try hard not to add some element of an expletive in there somewhere for emphasis) and return to my usual schedule with running during my work day on the weeks the boys are with me. For my sanity – and to keep my friends and job. It is just that necessary for me to get that run in each day. I’m sure a number of you can relate.

I’ve also blabbed a lot on here about gluten and how it is no longer my friend, and so on. For a number of personal reasons (not the least of which is family history for my father and sister), I am eating gluten to get an official celiac test. I had to eat it for 6 weeks to get anything close to an effective result. I’m starting week 6 today. To say that has had an impact on my mood and my running is an understatement that I didn’t even expect. I have noticed all kinds of stuff this time I didn’t notice before (for example: my sinuses are constantly inflamed and irritated – I *never* would have made that connection had it not been for this little experiment). So… the desire to run is absolutely there. The energy, on the other hand, is not, much to my chagrin.

For those reasons, I did not meet my 90-mile goal for May. To say that I’m disappointed is an understatement, but it is a new month (or 1/3 into the new month, as it is today) and I have set the same goal. So far, so good – this week, I exceeded my 22.5 goal (26.8 – very happy with that) and I have plans to make runs work this week, even if it is a piddly little ole 4 miler on a treadmill (which it will likely only be considering the forecast here this week…)

It is also my intention to catch up here this week – I have 2 race reports (a 10k each!) and 2 months of training to tell you about. This is my outlet, and I miss it. I miss you.

So… No time to fret and worry and freak out. I have a half marathon to train for – and to rid myself of all the gluten I had to ingest to take this test, which I hope to get scheduled in the next week or so. I am determined to adjust to my new normal now so I can keep working on my running and start to work on speed for the fall 5ks I am planning to run – maybe even enjoy a new 5k PR.

That’s the plan, at least…


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