2012 Goals Progress: First Half of the Year

Remember how I said that I don’t do resolutions? I am a goal-oriented person and, as with any large set of goals, you should have smaller, incremental goals to help you achieve the bigger ones. And… if you never check up on your goals, periodically, you don’t know where you stand.

So, my friends, this is a post to help me get a grasp on where I am as far as the goals I set for myself at the start of the year…

  • Half MarathonsGoal: finish least 3, ideally 4. I’ve done 2 so far: Hilton Head Half Marathon (SC/Feb/#6) and OneAmerica Mini Marathon (IN/May/#7). I’m currently registered for the Wipro San Fransisco First Half Marathon on July 29, leaving me with enough time to get in at least one more drivable half this year. Currently, I’m looking at October.
  • Other RacesGoal: focus on longer distance races. I have cut back on racing a little this year so I could afford the half marathons – and so I could refocus my training. So far, so good. I’ve only done 5 races so far. Other than the half marathons, I’ve done a 10-miler and two 10ks. I’m in the process of registering for a 10k, an 8k and possibly a 5k in the fall, in addition to my other half.
  • Running MileageGoal: over 775 miles for the year. I’m farther along on this goal than I thought I’d be at this point – which makes me very, very happy. As of 6/30/12, I’m at 509.7, or at a little over 65% of goal. I took the approach that I needed around 90 miles a month to feel adequately prepared. I’m a little short of a 90-mile month average (84.95 per month average), but I can tell the extra runs are really starting to pay off.
  • Average Pace Goal: overall average pace lower than 9:15. I must say, I am mighty proud of this one. So far this year, I’m crushing this at an overall 9:09 average.
  • Overall Duration for RunningGoal: average duration is to be over 51:00 per running activity. I’m a little short on this goal so far: my average duration is hovering around 47:15. That is likely due to the faster runs I’ve had, especially since I’m over on distance and under on pace. Having said that, I could stand to get this one a bit closer to 51:00.
  • Spinning Goal: log 24 spin activities for 2012 – way behind on this one. I’ve been putting much more focus into running and, honestly, if I can only get one activity a day, I will take running.
  • CyclingGoal: buy a bike and try outdoor riding – this one might not happen… there does not seem to be enough budget for a bike *and* a Treadmill.
  • Swimming Goal: log 24 swim activities for the year – also very, very behind on this one. Again, when given a choice between running and swimming, I am always choosing running.
  • TriGoal: finish a tri sprint in the fall – this one may not happen because of the bike situaton
  • PRs – I didn’t add this as a goal, but I should have: I’d like to break my distance PR overall. I did that: three times. I have not hit 14 miles three different times. I’d like to do it at least that many times in the second half of the year.
    I’d like to set PRs for the following race distances:

    • 10-miler (time to beat is 1:29:40-ish) – this did not happen and, unless I can find a fall 10-miler, may not;
    • Half Marathons: break 1:59:00 for all of my half marathons this year – did it for the first, but not the second; there was a heat advisory for the second, so I’m actually pretty happy with my 2:02 time for that one.
    • 5k PR of 24:30 – I have not done a 5k yet and don’t plan to until the fall;
    • 8k PR this year – I have not run one yet and don’t plan to until the fall,
    • 10k PR (51:11) bad timing and hot weather for the two 10ks I’ve done so far; I have another chance in the fall with the Old Reliable.
  • Weight TrainingGoal: log 36 activities for the year . Like the other activities, I have a hard time selecting it over running and just don’t seem to have many opportunities this spring to do more than one a day. I hope that will lighten up a bit now that most of those projects at work are over.
  • YogaGoal: log 48 activities for the year. I have ebbed and flowed (pun kind of intended here) with Yoga. I see the benefit and I do it, but I don’t take classes for it. I’m getting poses off the internet and from friends, but I would like to start doing it with more regularity. I have bought a balance ball and have been working on my planks to strengthen core. But… like all other xt activities: if I can only pick one thing to do in a day, it will usually be running. Having said that: I have used Yoga poses and ab work as a way to not feel as bad about missing runs. I haven’t been logging these, though, so I don’t have a count at the moment.
  • This BlogGoal: post on this blog more often. I did well with this until the spring and started missing training and goal recaps. I’m catch up. I had no idea my spring was going to be so busy, but I’m catching up. My observation is correct, though, about my getting better when I write it down. I have been getting better and I have been thinking about it more when I know I have to write it down to share with you.

That should catch us up on 2012. Still some work to do, but on track for a lot of it. I hope the summer allows me some time to catch up and that all of you are on track with your own goals!


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