2012 Training Summary By Month – July

Remember me, my friends?

I have been running, but it has felt like it has been slow going because I’ve reintroduced gluten back into my diet. I am finally getting the test on July 2. I have a feeling it will be negative, but it is good to know. And, I am looking forward to removing it again. I have felt very run down and I’m looking forward to getting my energy back.

On another note, I have had a hard time keeping up with either of my blogs because of work. I have literally been triaging responsibilities with the kids coming first, then the job writing, then running, then cleaning/laundry… with all of that, there was no time for this. I have missed it. I have missed you. Other than feeling wiped out and bloated – which I attribute to the gluten – I have been struggling to get my runs in. I have missed my 90-mile goals the last two months and have been frustrated by it. I am going to add the stats for April, May and June in this one post. I hope to get back into the regular routine in July as the biggest project will be over next week (yay!)

To combat the heat, I have been running on a treadmill more frequently. I miss having my own treadmill in my house – it works better with the kids. I’m currently shopping for one and am heavily considering a SOLE F85 and I welcome comments and reviews for it if you have thoughts. Now that it is officially the end of the month, time to check in my 2012 goals.

Cumulative 2012 through 6/30/2012:

I am farther behind on swimming and weight training, but have added Yoga, so I am still getting a little cross training in. I liked the comparison of this year to last year, so I’m comparing my 1/1/2012 through 6/30/2012 cumulative with my 1/1/2011 through 6/30/2011 cumulative:

Stats by Month

June 2012:

Continuation of the gluten intake for the gluten test, scheduled for early July.

May 2012:

The key thing to note about this month is that I started eating gluten again for my gluten test, which I scheduled for July.

April 2012:

  • Total Running Mileage: 90.0
  • Total Running Duration: 13:40:46
  • Total Running Average Pace: 9:07
  • Number of Running Activities: 16
  • Duration per Running Activity: 48.47
  • Average Miles per Running Activity: 5.625
  • Races: Tarheel 10-Miler (4/21/2012)

March 2012:

  • Total Running Mileage: 85.1
  • Total Running Duration: 13:02:14
  • Total Running Average Pace: 9:11
  • Number of Running Activities: 22
  • Duration per Running Activity: 35.33
  • Average Miles per Running Activity: 3.86
  • Swimming Totals: 0 activities
  • Cycling/Spinning Totals: 3 activities / 62.7 miles total (avg 20.9 per activity) / duration 2:40:56 (avg 53:38 per activity)
  • Other: Weight/isometric training: 2, 30 minutes per session
  • Races: none

February 2012:

  • Total Running Mileage: 90.5
  • Total Running Duration: 13:31:57
  • Total Running Average Pace: 8:58
  • Number of Running Activities: 16
  • Duration per Running Activity: 50:44
  • Swimming Totals: 1 activity / 1 mile (1600m) / duration and average pace – 58:32
  • Cycling/Spinning Totals: 2 activities / 46.5 miles total (avg 23.25 per activity) / duration 2:04:33 (avg 1:02:16 per activity)
  • Races: Hilton Head Half Marathon (2/11/2012)

January 2012:

  • Total Running Mileage: 93.6 *monthly mileage PR for me
  • Total Running Duration: 14:33:45
  • Total Running Average Pace: 9:20
  • Number of Running Activities: 17
  • Duration per Running Activity: 51:23
  • Swimming Totals: (none)
  • Cycling/Spinning Totals: 1 activity / 19.0 miles total  / duration 41:44 (total and average)
  • Races: (none)

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