Wasn’t Feelin’ It…

I don’t want the title of this entry to throw you off… in fact, it might seem like I had a bad week running-wise. My friends… I did not. In fact, it has been quite a good week – better than I thought at the time. I ended up with 22.8 miles, just at my goal. Plus, I had a pretty awesome run today… all on a treadmill.

I know. I can hear the collective shudder even now.

I had no choice in the matter, though – I’m behind on my preparations for the Wipro San Fransisco First Half Marathon (I’m not even really sure that is the official name, but that’s what I’m going to call it) – you know the one that runs the (ahem) flat part of San Fran – along the Embarcadero and across the Golden Gate Bridge, to end on an up-hill in Golden Gate park. I can handle that. But… it has been over 100 degrees every day here for a little over a week, and, well, you’ve heard me complain about it for a while – I am *not* a heat runner. Besides, if Mark Twain was right (and rumor has it, he is), I have no need to kill myself in this heat if I’ll be basking in perfect half marathon running weather there in a couple of weeks.

I still need runs, and I need good ones. I’m behind in mileage goals for May and June, though, in June I was close. So… In an effort to get in some quality runs before the half, I am relegated to a treadmill. Even my long, which amounted to 10.33 miles at a very respectable 9:12 pace. The remaining mileage this week all came in under 9:00mm. I’m pretty proud of that. But… treadmill running it is starting to take it’s toll and wear thin on the Pollyanna-ish attitude I built specifically for the purpose of getting my head in on the treadmill. I’m not going to lie: I *hate* running on a treadmill. So far, all of my July miles are on it – all close to 27 of them – and my patience is wearing thin. Add to that few nights of tossing, turning, the remnants of gluten in my system (more on that in a minute) and being awoken early by littles and there you have it: Soooooo. Not. In. the. Mood. For. A. Treadmill.

But… I need the miles. So, in spite of the negative attitude, I laced up. I thought to myself “ok. I’ll just do 4 miles. That should at least give me a good start to the week.” I got changed into my run gear. I prodded the littles to put their shoes on – after all if I had to, they had to. I left a twinge of doubt that the child care center would be closing shortly after I got there today – and had mixed emotions about the fact it was open for a full 2 1/2 hours after I dropped them off.  I was here and I had to do it now.

I stepped on the treadmill. Sigh. It was shorting out. I stepped on another: this one was gross. I stepped on a third: someone’s water bottle – were they in the bathroom, reserving it, forgetful? I stepped on a fourth: I guess this one will do. Enough stalling. I started it and I put on some streaming music to listen to something different. Maybe that would help my mood (it did). I started out with the intention of keeping my pace at a 9:00 since I wasn’t feeling good. To me, that is now a comfortable pace – almost slow, because I keep bumping into the controls. I started at 9:15. Ok, that’s fine. 9:04. Feels better. 8:54. Ok, even better – I’ll hang here for a little longer. Ok, I’m bumping the controls again: 8:49. and so on. I ended up with a total of 5.33 at an average of 8:35, which is one of the fastest times I’ve recorded in over 2 months.

That turned my attitude around. and… I feel much better now.

Sometimes, I surprise myself – in both directions. I know I’ll be running on a treadmill for at least another week so I’m trying to make lemonade here. I hope to get in some interval training because, Lord knows, I need it.

In other news – as I alluded above – I had my celiac test. I had the antibody test, which has a substantial (25%) false negative rate. It did come back negative, though, and, honestly, that satisfies me. I am still going to avoid it because it makes me feel better, generally, when I do. I can’t ignore that part of it. Not only that, my running is just better when I avoid it.

Until next week, friends…


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