I am not going to bore you with a litany of excuses as to why I have not kept up with you, my friends, but I have not forgotten you. Truth is: my new normal is overwhelmingly increased work and tight turn arounds and I just have to make things happen without letting it get me down… That is way easier to say here from the safety of my phone post at midnight… I’m likely to have a much different attitude about it tomorrow at 6 am when the alarm sounds.

Until then, however, I write to you about my training… I owe you a race recap from the San Francisco Marathon (first half) – spoiler alert: I loved it and I did well. More details to come, even if I have to write it piece-mill from my phone at midnight over the next couple of weeks.

I also owe you a training recap (ok, I owe that more to me than to you as I’m likely the only one that really gets anything out of it…) another spoiler alert: I exceeded 90 miles in July and actually squealed like a 12-year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert when I realized it… I get far too excited about stuff like that for my own good sometimes.

What I really wanted to tell you – what prompted me to finally open the updated app (by the way WP – nice work on the app!!) was my interval workout on Saturday. I’ve been threatening to do intervals for a while now and finally found my motivation’s hiding place, so I packed it along with a tired old play list and some shoes that may need to be replaced very soon and planted myself firmly on that treadmill until I got my intervals done.

Because it was a treadmill, I did 1/2 mile intervals – or, that was the plan – all at what amounted to speeds equivalent to sub-8 minute miles. For me, this is pretty damn fast. The first three were awesome – in fact, I didn’t really feel like I was pushing myself all that much.

I have spoken before, however, about the endorphin lobotomy, I’m sure – the experience I seem to have where my brain ceases to work properly – especially when math is involved – once the endorphins kick in. I experienced that again on Saturday – luckily, to my advantage. I miscalculated my 1/2 mile split and before I realized my mistake, I was well into 3/4 mile. So, I did two of those, the last at sub 7:30 equivalent – I believe that might have been the fastest I have ever run.

Now I’m inspired. My legs hurt a little still, as this kind of speed is really hard on the body, but I enjoyed it immensely and I can’t wait to do it again!

Have a wonderful day, My Friends and I hope to get those other posts up soon!


2 thoughts on “Speed!

  1. Looking forward to that San Francisco Marathon recap (a race that I’m increasingly likely to run one of these years). And yes, those moments where you run fast and confidently are the best. The most memorable are usually in the early fall, once temperatures start to drop and summer temperatures no longer weigh you down.

    • Thank you, Dan! I think I’m finally going to get to writing the SFO post today! Honestly, I highly recommend it. I am actually considering doing the Second Half next year, even though it doesn’t count toward my overall 50-state goal. Yes! The weather here is starting to moderate quite a bit and I am taking advantage of it… certainly is a boon to my ego – haha!

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