Training Summary: Third Quarter

The format has changed a bit on this since I’m doing it via my phone during commercials while forcing myself to sit down to watch my beloved NCSU Wolfpack whoop up on some UNC Tarheels (Go PACK!)

But… I digress…

I did a lot of training third quarter of this year and I wanted to at least note it so I didn’t forget to do so. Overall, my pace for the entire quarter was under a 9 minute mile. That impresses me, especially with all the long runs and the half in July. I guess I still have not fully accepted that I *can* (and have) average below a 9:00 minute mile pace. Here is what the quarter looked like for running:

July: 94.4 miles (a monthly mileage PR for me) for total duration of 14:02:24, giving me 8:55 average pace per mile; I had a total of 15 activities, giving me 6.29-ish average per run. That included my last half marathon on 7/28 in San Fran.

August: dramatic mileage drop to 71.4 – over 20 miles less. Very stressful at work this month so there were a lot of missed miles. Still, I had a pretty respectable duration of 10:34:10, giving me an 8:52 overall average per mile. I had a total of 16 activities which brought my per activity average to 4.46 – which felt about right. Ouch.

September – ah… Catching up at work from what I missed in August – 72.3 mi total, 10:43:27 overall duration, giving me overall average pace of 8:53. I had a total of 15 activities, bringing my mileage per run back up to a slightly more respectable 4.82 miles per run. Though, I did not have a single one of these runs over 6 miles, I think. This month, I struggled with dehydration and spent a lot more time swimming.

Ok… The game is getting good now, so this will have to do for my stats for now!

Have a great weekend and, for my friends racing this weekend: good luck!!


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