New Running Buddy

My friends…I know I owe you a race report. And it is forthcoming – I have some days off this week with the holiday and I intend to catch up on my blog. I hope.

For now, though, I’d like to talk about my treadmill.

You know – you know – you know how I feel about the treadmill.




But… One thing that I dislike more is missing goals. I have missed goals in the last two months that, quite frankly, made me mad. There were plenty of reasons – not really any one of them bigger than or more oppressive than the rest. They were all important reasons that, for the most part, boiled down to my kids and my job. Two things, that, when I have to triage, always get the first (kids) and second (job) priority. Running usually is forced to take third until I can work it in.

or… buy a treadmill.

I have been frustrated at not getting as many miles so I sucked it up and bought a new (to me) treadmill to replace the one I broke. Yes. Friends… I ran it until I busted the motor on it. I’m not joking. I got my money’s worth out of the first one and I laugh every time I say this (and I’m giggling a little now), but I did break it. And, it saved my running behind for quite a few years. It was time to let it go and get one that was bigger, stronger and, quite frankly, built for me and the mileage I needed to achieve when I couldn’t run outside. So I did that – I got a Sole F85. It is used – about 8 years old – and I bought it from a guy who had no idea of the value because he didn’t buy it and sold it to me for less than half of what a new one costs. Win-win, no?

So far, so good. It is so quiet – I can’t get over it – and so smooth. It has two little fans that simulate the wind in my hair (not really, but I love to joke about that), and, I love how fast it goes between speeds compared to the other one. And, I initiated it with a 10.25 run on Sunday. I feel like we are already old friends.

I’ll never forget my first treadmill and how well it served me. I hope this one has at least another 8 years (or more) in it… maybe by the time I break this motor, I can afford one that is brand new and still under warranty.

Until then, I’m enjoying the option of being able to knock out a speed interval in my house while my kids are tucked sweetly in their beds at 5 am.


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