You’ve Outdone Yourself, Kid…

Sometimes, you don’t realize all you have done until someone has dangled it in front of your face, pointing at it… maybe with those flashing, Vegas type of lights and fireworks and noise…

Even then, sometimes, you don’t see it.

I had such an experience this past week. I was preparing for my ninth half marathon in as many states, (race report forthcoming!) and I was discussing my training with like-minded (ok, just as crazy – we all admit that here) folks when it occurred to me that my training was going very well. In fact, better than I thought.

Nov Mileage

Way better.

I looked up my stats for November and I was 1.6 miles short of a 100 mile month. What?!?!

And, yes… to answer the question I know you are all thinking right now… I DID go home and run 1.75 on my treadmill to make it a complete 100 mile month. I had to do it. I’m also happy to report that, because of this 100 mile goal, I also took the time to look up my mileage for the year, and, my friends, my jaw dropped: I’m within 100 of 1,000 for the year (about 85 now, since I have finished my half marathon). My goal, if you recall, was 750. It appears that I surpassed that around September.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any period of time throughout this year, you know that I have set a standing goal to log 90 miles a month. This goal was less about statistics than it was about just getting to the point where 13.1 didn’t hurt quite so much. I added more long runs, and I made sure I went past 13 (completed a handful of 14-mile runs this year, one on a treadmill) to accomplish the goal of not hurting quite so much after 13.1. So far, that strategy seems to be working – for the most part. I recover more quickly than I did last year, and I have more energy for the end of the run than I did last year. The extra mileage has really helped.

However… Since I have set that goal (in January), I have achieved (or exceeded) it only 5 times. The other 6 months fell short. mrrfff. Not good for the ego, really, despite the fact that I came close (within 5) one of those months and almost close (within 9) two other months. Still… it was *not* reaching the goal that bugged me. So, I just assumed that, since I hadn’t reached my goal, that I was farther along than this time last year, but not really all that close to where I wanted to be.

My friends – I was wrong. Very wrong. And I have broken my almost-three-year-old personal record to prove it. Finally. More on that later, though.

I’m writing this post to remind you all not to focus so much on what you *haven’t* done, but, rather, to remember to take the time out to congratulate yourself on what you HAVE done. I am thankful to have the health and ability to achieve these goals this year and I’m grateful for the support of friends and family (even the ones that think I’m crazy for doing this).

I never take those people or things for granted.


3 thoughts on “You’ve Outdone Yourself, Kid…

  1. I ran the Annapolis Half as well! I’m looking forward to your recap, but right now I’m just amazed that you ran on the treadmill after the race. Runners be craaaazy! Congrats on the finish, though! And the 100 mile month!

  2. Awesome! I love it when you put together stats you didn’t know about and come out impressed. I just recently added a Monthly Miles tab to my training log and it’s my newest obsession (which is both good and bad). The big challenge now is running through the holidays to reach that 1000-mile prize. Keep the momentum up!

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