Race Research… Gone Haywire

I have a couple of race reports I’d like to catch you up on but… I’ve become distracted today and I need your help…

I’m a planner – ha! 

I’ve been wasting a lot of time this morning going down the rabbit hole of race research. Admittedly, I get a little excited when looking at races, but I think I need to plan a little better – a little farther out. 

However, I think I’ve been approaching this all wrong. Why not ask some of my running buddies out there for recommendations?!?! I mean, you all are all over the country – do you have a half marathon you can recommend? I have already done NC, VA, MD, SC, FL, AL, LA, IN,  NV and CA. For the remainder of 2013, I only have MI (next week) and RI (October 14) planned – I was hoping to get at least one in Aug/Sept that isn’t hot or far from Raleigh NC (i.e. Ninja-capable) and one in late November/early December. I’ve been looking at PA mostly, though, KY, OH, WV, TN, DE, NJ, and GA are all drivable for me.

Any recommendations? Any recommendations for states beyond the drivable as potential races for 2014? I’m doing the Rock and Roll Raleigh full in April here in Raleigh, NC so that month is out and I’m trying to work it out to do the Austin Marathon half in Austin, TX in February, so I’m looking at the same time period for 2014 as I am for 2013. Anybody done the Austin Marathon? Thoughts? I’m also planning to do the Run to Remember half marathon in Boston in May of 2014.

Thanks for your help!!


4 thoughts on “Race Research… Gone Haywire

    • I’ve heard that! I have some friends up there who have been asking me to come up to do it 3 years in a row and I have not been able to make it yet, but I may make a family trip out of it next year. I’m excited about doing that one!

  1. I’m doing a couple of halfs later this year – 5 Trails in Leavenworth in May, and the KC Marathon half in October. I’ll let you know how they turn out for your 2014.

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