Coffee… and Training – Marathon Training 1: Week 2 Recap

Happy Sunday, my friends!

Good thing I can copy posts… makes it easier to say that I am still behind on race reports… and, it is later in the day to post this than I expected because I had a branch to cut up, breakfast to make, laundry to do, games to play, promises to little boys to fulfill and ink cartridges to replace… and what seemed like 5 minutes turned into about 5 hours. So it goes… Regardless… I am updating this post today – so help me – because I actually did well and stayed on track with my marathon training this week.

The second week wasn’t bad at all, either – 28.7 overall… it was less mileage than I thought I’d get when I was looking at last weeks post because, as it happens, my math was atrocious – sad state of affairs for an accounting major. Here was my week:

  • Sunday: “rest day” and I use quotes because I still ended up doing about 3 hours of yard work. The weeds had to be mowed and dealt with. Back-breaking, fo sho, but done. I vowed to rest and have a lazy day today, but that didn’t happen.
  • Monday: slow 5 plus 4×20 second intervals with 3×2:00 rests at the ‘slow’ pace – this went very well for me. The boys were with their dad, so I got a chance to do it outside. It was humid and hotter than I would have liked, and very hilly, so the slow was actually slow for me, but it is done and I’m happy with it. I did the 20-sec intervals, 2 of which were under an 8:00 pace, so I was stoked with it. Overall, I got 5.85mi in 51:54. Not my best, but not shabby.  I also did my ab workout.
  • Tuesday: Non-run / rest day – Like last week, I did most of the circuit workout in my office workout room, but I chickened out on the push ups and my abs hurt too much for the ball so I did:  leg extensions (2×15 at #2), leg curls (2×15 at #1), leg press (2×15 at #3), calf raises (2×15 each leg), full arm plank (1 @ 1:30), elbow plank (1@1:30), side elbow planks (1×1:00 each side). I hope to do at least this much, maybe add one more rep in some of these and improve my push ups.
  • Wednesday: slow 6+ – similar to the 5+ workout on Monday, but with an extra slow mile. This one I had to do on a treadmill, so it went much faster and all 4 of the :20 intervals were sub-8:00. Very happy with this one. I got 7.04 mi in 1:01:30 – not a record, but not bad considering I haven’t gone this distance much lately – 8:44 average pace.
  • Thursday: non-run/rest day – I did nothing on Thursday – I needed the rest..
  • Friday: easy 4 – stretched this to 5, but went slower. I expected it to be much cooler than it actually was, so I ended up with 5 a 46:11 for an ave of 9:12 – I don’t remember the last time I ran that pace.
  • Saturday: Long slow 10 with a target speed of 8:35 to 9:15 – I also did this one on my home treadmill. like the previous week, I promised the boys they could play video games. I got up later and got started later, and, because I was running 10, I decided I needed to be entertained. A while ago, I bought a used Gen 1 iPad just for reading, browsing the web, playing games and watching movies. I thought to myself, though, finally, I have something to watch movies on my treadmill! I invested in a pair of bluetooth headphones and streamed a movie from Amazon (In the Loop – funny political satire if you like Dr. Strangelove – along the same lines of humor) – it certainly did make the 10 miles go by much more quickly than the 8 the week before. I also decided that I wasn’t in the mood to think about my pace too much, so I was going to do 5 minutes for all intervals for the first 30 minutes, 6 minutes for all intervals for the next 36 minutes and then see how I feel, but probably go back to 5 for the remainder. The first 38 minutes was awesome, then, probably because I was getting tired, I accidentally pulled the safety off the tm and stopped it and (damn it) there goes my stats. I remembered enough to piece together what I did for the first half to estimate aroun 10.48 for the entire run at a total time of 1:33:00 for an estimated average pace of about 8:35 – faster than last week, which is impressive because there were 2.25 more miles there. I’m happy with that.

This upcoming week the plan calls for at least 27 miles (and this time, the math should be closer to correct), though, I’m hoping more for 28-29:

  • Monday: 5+ – I plan to get at least the same mileage as last week, though, I’d like to push this a little closer to 6. I’m not sure if I’ll be doing this one inside or outside yet. I also plan to do my core exercises and stretches.
  • Tuesday: non-run day – planning to do the same weight training I did last Tuesday, hoping for a couple more push ups and maybe a little more time on the planks, though. I’d also like to get in a swim in the early morning if I end up doing the 2nd run on Monday.
  • Wednesday: 6 – this one is the first real “tempo” type of run: 2 miles slow, 4 miles at 8:00-8:20 pace – I’ll likely do this one on a treadmill anyway because of my schedule, but, mostly to make sure I can stick to that pace for the 4 miles.
  • Thursday: non-run day – planning to do the same weight training I did last Tuesday, hopefully, I won’t be too burned out or sore. If I am, I’ll rest.
  • Friday: easy 5 – planning to do this one outside if I can, earlier in the morning since my schedule allows for it.
  • Saturday: Long Slow: 11 miles at a goal of 8:35-9:10. This one, I may get to do outside, so I’ll try to pick a route along the City of Oaks route. Rock and Roll Raleigh has not announced the route yet, but I have to assume they are probably going to do something similar to City of Oaks, so I’m going to start there.

That should do it! I hope to get back to the other stuff I’m still writing after I finish my chores for the day!

Have a great day!


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