Coffee… and Training – Marathon Training 1: Week 3 Recap

Happy Sunday, my friends!

I am working on taking this “rest day” thing seriously, so I’m a little later in posting today than I would have liked because I’ve been knocking out a few “around the house” things like changing light bulbs and washing laundry – and eating – so I can sit on my butt for a large portion of the afternoon and catch up on my Netflix queue while drinking water and eating. The only reason I need to leave the house is for a vet appointment for my cat – which I’m considering rescheduling because I want to just sit on my butt all day and do nothing. It’ll be worth the stink eye I get for letting my lawn go, yet another day, when tomorrow’s run goes better than last week. On that note… still (kind of) on schedule. I did have to cut one run short because of some sort of stomach issue I’m absolutely convinced had to do with dehydration because it only occurred at the points in the day when I was most dehydrated (like overnight/first thing in the morning) and alternating Gatorade and water for a full day seemed to cure it. I still did all 4 of my runs, just had to truncate one on purpose and the other I only truncated a little because I didn’t read the instructions fully (sigh). soooo now, here’s what I did…

  • Sunday: “rest day” and I use quotes because I still ended up doing yard work, damn it. I had a branch fall out of one of my trees and I had to take care of it – cutting it up and all. It took me about an hour and it was hot. I then played with my kids, did a ton of laundry and went to a concert. If I had to make a guess about where my dehydration started, it was here. I certainly did not drink much during the day and being outside while it was hot doing physical labor probably didn’t help me keep whatever little bit I had in me still. Neither did staying up later than usual.
  • Monday: slow 5 plus 4×20 second intervals with 3×2:00 rests at the ‘slow’ pace – I really wanted this to go better than last week, but it just didn’t. I was tired. I was dehydrated before I started, and then sweat buckets during the run; on top of it all, I was overly concerned about my pace, and whenever that happens, I always do poorly. Overall, I got 5.85mi in 52:01. I also accidentally skipped one of my intervals because I wasn’t paying attention – I was supposed to do 5×20 second intervals and I only did 4. Ah well. My stomach cramped like crazy after my run and I just never really felt right the rest of the day.
  • Tuesday: despite the water I drank the day before, I still felt awful so I decided to take a full rest day. Didn’t seem to help.
  • Wednesday: this was supposed to be my 6-mile 1/4/1 interval but I felt even worse than the day before. I even considered not going to work, but about 30 minutes after I got to work, bought 2 bottles of gatorade and alternated them with water during a 2 hour meeting. After that meeting, I suddenly felt better, though, still not in condition to run. At least I had the color back in my face though.
  • Thursday: supposed to be a non-run day, but I wanted to try to make up for the 1/4/1 so I thought “I’ll do what I can” – that ended up being 3.41 at 28:28 or 8:21 overall. The first mile was around 8:40-ish and the other 2.41 were between 8:20 and 8:00, but I just couldn’t keep up with it and stopped. As soon as I stopped, I was really mad at myself for stopping and thought about getting back on the treadmill and/or “finishing” the run later… but my stomach cramped a little after that run, so I decided getting off the treadmill was a smart move on my part and became OK with the shorter mileage at pace.
  • Friday: supposed to be easy 5, but, because of the day before, didn’t want to be too far from a restroom in case I needed to stop, so I did it on a treadmill, which always goes faster than it should. I wanted to end this one earlier than I did, but I decided to stay on and continue, just to see how far I could get. I ended up with exactly 5 at 42:12 or 8:26 average. I was starving when I finished, though, so I see that as a good sign. I immediately recovered with water and felt alright after that run, other than being really hungry (and became irritable because I was so hungry).
  • Saturday: Long slow 11 with a target speed of 8:35 to 9:15 – Although I had an opportunity to run outside, I decided to do this one on my home treadmill for the same reason I did the 5 on the work treadmill the day before – it was hot outside and muggy and I was really worried about the dehydration thing so I sucked it up and did this one inside while watching one of my favorite films, “Waking Ned Devine”. I was a lot less organized about my speeds this time, though – I did 5 minute intervals starting with 6.7 going up to 7.3, but ended up taking walk breaks and then did some 6-minute intervals and then lost track of how long and/or how many intervals I had… before I knew it, I was at 10 miles and talking myself into finishing the last mile. That was tough to do. Like the week before, I knocked the safety out, but I had less than 1/2 a mile to go until I got to 11, so I sucked it up and started it over so I could finish with 11 and not short this run. In all, I ended up with 11.1 at 1:37:30-ish for an average pace of 8:47, impressive considering the short walk breaks I took. I felt like crap for the first couple of minutes after I stopped, but during the run, I felt fine. All said, though, I’m really glad I did it on the treadmill rather than going outside. I’m pretty sure I would have a much different post today if I had done that.

This upcoming week the plan calls for at least 29 miles (and this time, the math should be closer to correct), though, I’m guessing it’ll be over 30:

  • Monday: 5+ – this time with 5x:30 intervals and 4×2:00 “slow” after the 5, so I should (bettah!) go over 6. Since I’m resting today and trying to get my hydration up, I’m going to try the same route tomorrow that I’ve done the other 2 Mondays that I’ve done this 5+ type of run. and… more than that, I’m really hoping to avoid dehydration. It is supposed to be much cooler and a little drier than this weekend, so I’m hoping that helps. I also plan to do my core exercises and stretches.
  • Tuesday: non-run day – planning to do the same weight training I did two Tuesdays ago, hoping for a couple more push ups and maybe a little more time on the planks, though.
  • Wednesday: 7 – this is similar to the 6 mile “tempo” type of run: 2 miles slow, 5 miles at 8:00-8:20 pace – I’ll likely do this one on a treadmill. If I can work it out that evening, I’d like to try a short swim.
  • Thursday: non-run day – planning to do the same weight training I am planning for Tuesday, hopefully, I won’t be too burned out or sore. If I am, I’ll rest.
  • Friday: easy 5 – planning to do this one outside if I can, earlier in the morning since my schedule allows for it.
  • Saturday: Long Slow: 12 miles at a goal of 8:35-9:10. I’ll be doing this one on the treadmill, most likely.

That should do it! Have a great day!


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