Coffee… and Training – Marathon Training 1: Week 4 Recap

Happy Sunday, my friends!

This week, you’re getting a two-fer… I took a day trip to the beach with my family last week and just couldn’t catch a break on time the evenings this week, so I’ll post week four after I’ve already completed week 5. I said in week 3 that I am working on taking this “rest day” thing seriously, so I did… for the start of week 4. I watched tons of movies, none of which were on my AFI queue and I rescheduled my cat’s vet appointment for two weeks later (which is today).  I didn’t leave the house and, other than a little light housework, didn’t do much in the way of activity. That could explain how well things went at the start of week 4. I’m really unhappy about it, but I did have to miss a run due to a work thing that popped up. Thankfully, it was the 5 before my long, but I was still pretty mad about it. Here’s how Week 4 went

  • Sunday: took it seriously and did absolutely nothing. It was wonderful.
  • Monday: slow 5 plus 5×30 second intervals with 4×2:00 rests at the ‘slow’ pace – I finally got this one right. I did the same route as the 3 weeks before and ended up with a smokin’ 6.24 miles at around an 8:38 average. I was thrilled with this since the route I picked was hilly and difficult. and… I felt good after, rather than the drained I felt the week before.
  • Tuesday: Made significant improvement in my strength workout – I did 3 sets of 15 for almost all of the routine I had done before (3 leg exercises, crunches, planks, calf exercises, and pushups).
  • Wednesday: 7 mile 1/5/1 interval with target pace for the 5 at between 8:20 and 8:00 average. I did it, and I did it on a treadmill (while watching Sound City – highly recommend watching that if you are a music buff), though, I did have to stop at a couple of points to recover, but I did finish the whole thing and walked away with an 8:23 average for the entire 7, which might be a new record for me.
  • Thursday: total rest day.
  • Friday: supposed to be easy 5, but I ended up missing this run because of work stuff that did not allow me a full hour to just walk away from it. I had a late night working, too, it just didn’t happen. I was annoyed about it, but I kept telling myself that this is probably the better time to miss this run and not to get too worked up about it at this point. Try not to let it happen again. I have a tendency to sleep in a little on Fridays and do my run at work mid-day; as this training plan continues, I may have to rethink that strategy.
  • Saturday: Long slow 12 with a target speed of 8:35 to 9:10 – I had to run this on my treadmill because I had my boys, so I queued up a movie I had heard about but never seen: “Valley of the Dolls” – soooo many things about that movie kind of creeped me out, the biggest of which was seeing Sharon Tate shortly before the brutal end of her life at the hands of a psycho. Sent chills up my spine. I finished the run with an average of 8:42, which is faster than the week before – probably faster than it should have been – but still in the target.

This upcoming week the plan calls for at least 29 miles (and this time, the math should be closer to correct), though, I’m guessing it’ll be over 30:

  • Monday: 5+ – same 5 mile slow base, followed by 5x:30 intervals and 4×2:00 “slow” after the 5. This time, however, it will be on a treadmill, so I’m expecting it to be a little faster than the others.
  • Tuesday: non-run day – planning to do the same weight training I did two Tuesdays ago, hoping for a couple more push ups and maybe a little more time on the planks, though.
  • Wednesday: 3×1.5 intervals – 2 miles slow, 3×1.5 miles at 7:50-8:10 pace – This one will be on the treadmill.
  • Thursday: non-run day – planning to do the same weight training I am planning for Tuesday, hopefully, I won’t be too burned out or sore. If I am, I’ll rest.
  • Friday: easy 5
  • Saturday: Long Steady: 13 miles at a goal of 8:35-9:10. I’ll be doing this one on the treadmill, most likely.

That should do it! Have a great day!


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