Coffee… and Training – Marathon Training 1: Week 6 Recap

Happy Sunday, my friends!

This week was a bit of a step back in the plan: 26.2 miles – and the irony of that number is not lost on me. I was able to keep up with (and finish) all 4 runs this week. I even did a race, and then finished the planned miles after the race.  Here’s how Week 6 went

  • Sunday: I honestly don’t remember much of what I did last Sunday. I know I had to run errands and clean, but I don’t think I did anything physically taxing, but didn’t have a “sit on my butt all day” day, either.
  • Monday: slow 5 plus 4×30 second intervals with 3×2:00 rests at the ‘slow’ pace – I had planned to do this one outside, but, because it was pouring, I had to do it on the treadmill. I did the intervals at 7:30 pace again, and did them for 40 seconds instead of 30 and ended up with just over 6 for the day. I was happy with it, even if it was on a treadmill.
  • Tuesday: did one set of my usual core routine, but didn’t make it up to the workout room to get the rest of strength in as I had hoped, so that was it for strength this week.
  • Wednesday: 7 slow – I was able to do this one outside and, even though the humidity was (gasp) 95%, it was better than the treadmill. Even with the humidity and the neighborhood hills, I was able to manage an 8:50 average pace that was comfortable, so I’m happy wit this.
  • Thursday: total rest day, again, because, again, I couldn’t make it to the workout room to do my strength.
  • Friday: easy 5 – no walk breaks – and a slower 8:51 pace to accommodate the humidity and not over do it for the race I had planned for the next day.
  • Saturday: plan called for 8 slow. I decided to sign up for an 8k race – The Raleigh 8000 – and then do the last 3 after the race. The race was tough on me, but I finished with around an 8:20 average and then went on to do the last three (after talking myself into it) at around an 8:52 pace. Overall, with these two put together, my distance would have been 8.07 at a total time of 1:08:58, giving me an average per mile of around 8:33. Not too shabby. I then hosted my younger son’s birthday party at one of those inflatable bounce house places and promised to play on the bouncy stuff this time. Although I didn’t do as much as I thought I might, the climbing and bouncing I *did* do added to my soreness today.

This upcoming week is a big step up in intensity, especially over last week:

  • Monday: 6×800 intervals – 2 mile warm up, and then 6x800m (1/2 mi) intervals at 7:45-7:55 pace and only :45 rest between, followed by a 1 mile warm down – I’ll be doing this on my home treadmill, most likely. I’m expecting around 6.5-7 miles from this workout.
  • Tuesday: non-run day – planning to do some weight training in the office workout room – though, I may change my strategy to just do it as soon as I arrive at the office and just get ready for work there instead of at home so I can make sure I get it done. There is also a higher probability there will be fewer people in that room at that time, too.
  • Wednesday: 9 miles tempo – 2 miles slow, 6 at a pace between 8:00 and 8:20, and 1 mile slow – This one should be on my home treadmill.
  • Thursday: non-run day – planning to do the same weight training I am planning for Tuesday.
  • Friday: easy 5 – this one should be outside, hopefully in the morning as soon as I arrive at the office, similar to my plan for Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Saturday: Long steady 15 miler – goal pace is between 8:35 and 9:10 – this will be my longest ever run if I finish the whole thing.

That should do it! Have a great day!


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