Stats and Pre-Race Jitters

Good evening, my friends –

If you’ve read any posts I’ve put here since July, you know I have been following a training plan to run a full Marathon in sub-3:45 – which I intended to follow twice – in preparation for my first full marathon in April. I officially – and rather unceremoniously – “finished” that plan last week.  I didn’t run 26.2 like a lot of my friends suggested I do, primarily because I’m running the Rock and Roll Savannah half marathon on Saturday and I really want to break my current PR, which is the TCS Annapolis Half Marathon from last December, so I ran 8 miles with my friend who is doing his first full this weekend and I tried to focus on maintaining a taper for my race, even though it makes me anxious. More on the jitters a minute…

But first: a discovery. Going through the training plan now has taught me a lot – more than I ever expected. I knew I’d learn how to be a better runner, but I learned a lot more about myself and my body as a result of it and am extremely grateful I decided to take this path. Hopefully the second time around I can make all of the runs and hit the pace targets. My goal is to reverse taper back up to 30 miles a week after the half and maintain a minimum of 30 until the plan officially starts on December 22.  Out of curiosity, though, while I was adding the second plan, I decided to take a look at the mileage I have for the year and was shocked: 975 so far, and it is still early November. I got so damn close to 1,000 last year I could taste it and it was a goal in the back of my mind… but, I was not keeping up with the same kind of a pace in the first couple of months of 2013 that I did in 2012, so I didn’t think I was that close yet. Had I kept up with the pace, I would have been over 1,000 already, but honestly, I’m really happy to be where I am – not burned out or injured and really, really close to my goal. I have 492 just since I started Marathon training in July. My overall average pace for the year – including a 9:44 average pace (my slowest this year) 22 miler – is 8:45 – which puts a smile on my face 🙂

So… now on to the jitters… I set my goal to PR this race. I figured that the marathon training – especially the extra mileage – would be a much more efficient base to work from and the organized speed work would have made quite a difference. That proved to be almost true in Newport – I had to stop to use the restroom and I think now that I took my gel too late. I have also logged much, much faster runs than I ever have since I got back from Newport, which makes me both happy and skerred. I always get this way when I start getting faster, though – I have an element of doubt, particularly because it is usually significantly faster (in this case, almost 20 seconds) and I am able to repeat it for longer distances (in this case, over 6 miles). So… I’m worried that the *one* day I won’t be able to do it is the date I had my heart set on: November 9. (sigh).

I’ll keep you all posted. I’ll keep my head up and try to stay focused – it is almost here – but you *never* know what to expect on race day.

Until then: happy running, friends.


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