I Did IT!

Happy Veteran’s Day to my Vet Friends!

I will be working on updating blog posts this week, but I wanted to drop a quick line to tell you all that I broke my Half Marathon personal record in Savannah this weekend. You may recall that I was somewhat anxious about it late last week as I took the time to contemplate my new speed level and reflect on the marathon training I’ve undergone so far. Believe me, as I ran past (or was passed by) people in the yellow bibs on Saturday (the full marathoners had yellow bibs), the marathon training rang through my mind.

My new PR time is 1:49:55, which beat my previous PR by 1:18 – so, a huge jump in my mind. My “soft goal” with this race was to get under 1:50:00, with a somewhat more stringent goal of just getting 1:15:12 or better. I actually ran this race without any assistance from my beloved music or stats (I’ll go into more detail about this in my race report) so at most points during the race, I had no idea how fast I was going or how well I was doing. At only 3 points in the race, did I even check the stats. My mind was a total blank, too – I didn’t think about anything other than “I kind of have to pee” at mile 4, “hey! there’s my friend pacing the 3:30 marathoners!” at mile 6, “I need to take my gu” at miles 5.5 and 11, “dang… it’s almost over” at mile 8, and “Hot Damn! I am going to PR this race!!” at mile 12.9 when I could finally see the clock so I could book it in.

Amazingly, I’m not really sore (like I was the last time I broke my PR) and I’m already anxious for another run so I’m going to my run group tonight – it turns out that 3 runs a week is just not enough… and more than 1 day of rest is just too much for me right now.

On a similar note: I am also now officially 1/4 of the way through my 50-states goal. I knocked out 4 states this year. I hope to do the same or similar next year, but most of it will likely have to be crammed in at the end of the year after my Marathon. I’ll keep you all posted on the Race Results and PRs page.

Thank you for letting me share my news. I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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