Training and Coffee: Marathon Week 3

Hello My Friends!

Week 3 started out great, but ended… fugly is the best word I have for it. Ah, well, it is done, and I was on target. I did all 4 runs and hit all targets – went over a little bit in mileage – but all in all a good week:

  • Sunday, 01/05/2014 – rest day.
  • Monday, 01/06/2014 – just over 7 miles across two runs. The first was in the late morning and it was pouring and cold but I REALLY did not want to do a treadmill run, so I ran in an underground parking garage. I did have my GPS on and I did track it – the GPS had a weak signal and one of my friends that occasionally runs down there thinks my mileage is underestimated – and my pace is way over estimated (making me look slower and shorter than it was). I don’t care – miles is miles so I counted it. That evening, I went to my beloved Nog run group and ran another slower run just over 4 miles. The two together give me 7, which is just a bit over what the 5+ would have given me, which I’m satisfied with. I also ran faster runs before and since, so I was happy with my pace on these runs, whether they are right or not.
  • Tuesday 01/07/2014 – rest day
  • Wednesday, 01/08/2014 – on plan was a 1/4/1, where the middle 4 had a target of 8:00 to 8:20. I did this on my home tm and had a hard stop at 10 am so I ended up with just at 6 mi (though, I did plan to do a little bit more since it is a tm run). Overall, though, I’m really, really happy with this run! I hit and stayed at target – the last time I did these runs, I was in pain about 1/2 way through. I wasn’t on this day. My overall pace for the entire 6 miles was 8:16 – very, very, very happy with that.
  • Friday, 01/09/2014 – plan called for an easy 5 – it was drizzly outside, but I knew I’d be doing my long on a treadmill and really didn’t want to do this run on a treadmill too, so I went outside for it. It was absolutely perfect weather for it! I enjoyed every second of this run and I came in with a sub-8:30 overall pace, which I wasn’t trying to do. On balance, I loved it.
  • Saturday, 01/10/2014 – plan called for steady 11 miles with target pace of 8:30-9:10. My heart was *NOT* into this run today. I procrastinated like a champ. I slept late. I ate. I did laundry. I cleaned. I made the boys breakfast… and lunch. I tinkered with my ipad (the bluetooth headphones were *NOT* connecting) and then, out of frustration, I tried the run for the first time. gah. It was aweful. I got 3 miles and had to stop to take a break. I ate something, drank some gatorade, finally had some coffee, and then tried again. 2.28 miles the second time – this time, I stopped because I got an alert for a tornado warning, and well, I don’t mess around with tornadoes… but I was also very grateful I had a reason to stop… but this time, my Bluetooth finally connected, so I started a movie and got back on the damn treadmill… this time, it stuck. I ran for a full 7 miles and only stopped once to go to the bathroom and to answer a phone call from my dad. I do feel much better now that it is done, but I must say, this one tested me today. It was ALL mental today.

The plan for Week 4: looks like it’ll be Treadmill City for a large portion of it… hopefully, it won’t be too bad…

  • 5+: 5 easy with 4 x 0:20 sec intervals / 2:00 rests
  • Target pace 7 miler (1/5/1) – first mile easy, 4 miles at 8:00 to 8:20 pace, last mile easy.
  • 5 easy
  • 12 at target pace of 8:35 – 9:10

Hope you all have a great week!


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