Training and Coffee: Marathon Week 4

Hello My Friends!

Week 4, week 4… already week 4?!?! Seems like I just started again… already, I’m a 1/4 of the way through it… wow! Maybe it doesn’t feel as long this time because I’ve been through it before, but I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that I’m already 1/4 of the way through the plan… and that means the full is reeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyy not that far away… hmmm… Ok.

In all, this week felt a lot better than last week, especially the long. I am totally out of phase with that damn treadmill now… movie or no, I effing hate that thing. I need it, but I hate it. Nevertheless, I need to somehow figure out how to get over that because I have at least one treadmill run coming up this week… and I’ll have to beg, barter and steal to get help with the littles for next week’s long because I’ll be damned if I am doing it on the treadmill. Just getting that out there now. Let’s recap this week:

  • Sunday, 01/12/2014 – rest day, though, not at all “restful” as I spent the vast majority of the day running around the house doing chores – I had to put all the Christmas decorations in the attic, clean the kitchen, bathrooms, etc, take the cat to the vet, get sundry chores done, took the boys to a concert (which was pretty cool) and then tried to teach them how to ride new bikes my dad got for them (which, believe me, was a major workout). I was exhausted at the end of the day and slept as though I had run all 12.3 from the previous day in each of my 3 attempts – haha.
  • Monday, 01/13/2014 – This was just an insane day – meetings starting at 7:20 am and going all. damn. day. I managed to get help with the boys so I could run at the Nog run group, so I was delighted to get just over 5. Although that was a little short (about 3/4 mile to 1 mile or so), I was grateful for every inch because I was terrified I wouldn’t get it at all.
  • Tuesday 01/14/2014 – non run day, but to my delight, Runkeeper has now added core exercises as an activity!! and Yoga, and Weight Training! Woo hoo! I never thought something like that would make me happy. I did my usual core routine: 15 reps of the leveraged crunches, the leveraged leg lifts, the twists and the one where I balance on my booty and touch each side of me – all these with the 6 lb ball. I then did the extended arm planks with the leg moves for 45 sec and the elbow planks for 30 sec. Rest for 45 sec, and then do the whole thing again. It really, really hurt, but I can tell it is working….
  • Wednesday, 01/15/2014 – on plan was a 1/5/1, where the middle 5 had a target of 8:00 to 8:20. I did this on my home tm and, as was the case Saturday – and pretty much every other run I’ve had in the last couple of weeks – the first couple of miles were flat out brutal. Not just uncomfortable, but BRUTAL. I effing hated it and wanted to quit. I finally started to feel better around mile 3 and ended up having a nasty, nasty coughing fit that lasted a few minutes – I had to turn off the tm for a minute to finally get everything out. I finally did and got back on to finish my run. The second part of it, however, went WAY better – I was in the target zone the entire 5 miles – and even did 1.5 miles at sub-8:00, which is starting to feel a lot more comfortable. In all, a good run and I’m delighted with my time (faster than last week’s 1/4/1!) and how I felt after.
  • Thursday, 1/16/2014 – non run day, and, as on Tuesday of this week, I worked on abs – did exactly the same routine, but tried to do it a bit faster this day – I managed to shave about a minute off. I think for next week, I might try adding another exercise – just need to pick one – probably push ups or something.
  • Friday, 01/17/2014 – plan called for an easy 5 – gah… this one was brutal. I was super tired because I had not slept well the night before. On top of that, another major appliance in my house bit the dust and I had to have someone come look at it and tell me I had to fork out a small fortune to replace it. I had planned for a much earlier outdoors run, but because of a number of things, was relegated to the treadmill. I hated EVERY minute of it. I even thought about quitting about a dozen times…. actually turning it off at 3.5 miles… and then talking myself back into finishing it by reminding myself that it is very likely the first five of the full (try saying that fast!) is probably going to suck too and the entire 5 is teaching me something so I need to finish it. I did, only to feel better the last 1/2 mile (sigh).
  • Saturday, 01/18/2014 – plan called for steady 12 miles with target pace of 8:30-9:10. I had originally planned to go to my gym run group, but my dad had scheduled an estimate. He offered to come wait for the guy here so I could run, but I thought I should stay, so I did. Kind of worked out because I ended up running later and had about 10 more degrees than I would have that morning. The route was through my neighborhood as well as a couple of adjacent neighborhoods. Again, the first 4-5 miles were SUCK CITY, but after, it is like something just opened up and I suddenly was hitting sub-8:30 paces on climbs and just felt my strides and it all came together. Believe me, I thought a lot about race strategy during this part of my run… I had to accept that the first 5 were going to hurt almost as much as the last 6… that’s the mental part I think I have to work out. Physically, though, this was a great run. It was hillier than the route I would have taken with the group, but I liked the challenge of it, even if it was solo.

The plan for Week 5: My goal is to only do the interval on the treadmill this week… let’s see if I can keep to that goal….

  • 5+: 5 easy with 4 x 0:20 sec intervals / 2:00 rests
  • Intervals: 2 mi warm up, then 3 x 1.5 mi intervals at target pace of 7:50 to 8:10 with 2 min rests and finish with a 1 mil cool down.
  • Easy 5 mi
  • 13 at target pace of 8:35 – 9:10
  • Core Work – not on the plan, but I’d like to keep this visible – and keep logging it – so I can keep doing it. I have been good about it, but now that I can track it, I can start to see improvement stats… and well… you all know how I feel about stats. Stats aside, I can tell they are working on longer, faster runs because my lower abs are no longer fatigued after 12 miles. Yay 🙂

Hope you all have a great week!


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