Training and Coffee: Marathon Week 5

Hello My Friends!

So… no coffee right now – posting this a little later in the day than I wanted, but that’s OK as long as I get it posted. It was a busy day with the littles today, so this was my first opportunity to sit in front of my computer and jot down my progress for the week. In a nutshell, I had decent week this week – nothing new or Earth-shattering, but I’m proud of at least 3 of the four runs this week. Let’s recap this week:

  • Sunday, 01/19/2014 – rest day… my heater broke down stairs in my house, so I spent a very large portion of the day waiting for – and talking to – a sales guy about getting it replaced. Not my favorite way to spend the day… I ended up having dinner with my dad and his girlfriend, and then came back to my house to watch Dr. Who. Nothing like the last weekend, but mentally taxing because of the expense and the big decision… kind of wished it had been a run day at the end of it.
  • Monday, 01/20/2014 – we got the day off from work for Martin Luther King’s birthday. Thankfully, the weather here was absolutely beautiful. I had tentative plans to run with a friend that fell through, so I went by myself to the greenway around the NC Art Museum – the site of my first half marathon so I always have very fond memories of running the Reedy Creek Greenway route – and ran my 5+. I ended up with a total of about 6.5 miles and was taxed at the end. Loved it…. needed it. Also managed to get my first ab work session in for a double-up workout day.
  • Tuesday 01/21/2014 – non run day, which worked out because work was crazy busy. Sometimes, I wonder if having any time off at all is worth all the mess we deal with when we come back – haha.
  • Wednesday, 01/22/2014 – on plan was an interval workout that had 2 mi warm up, 3 x 1.5 mi intervals at 7:45-7:55 (gulp) with 2 min rests, and then a 1 mi cool down. I decided to do this at the work treadmill because I woke up just parched and dehydrated that morning. I couldn’t get time in the morning, so afternoon it was. Despite how beautiful it was just 2 days before, the Polar Vortex returned and turned everything bitter cold and drier than usual, and I’m not used to it. I’ve been feeling very thirsty, even after drinking enough were all other signs point to “hydrated!”. So… I needed water for even my indoor run… but, I forgot to bring my water with me to the treadmill, so I had to keep stopping it to drink from the water fountain, which was mentally taxing. At the 3 mile mark (not even finished with my first interval), I had to stop to pee. grrr. I did what I needed to do, and when got back out, and all the treadmills were taken. I was soooo pissed… I wanted to yell “ya know… I didn’t even wipe it off… so… have fun with that…” I didn’t want to be bitchy… but I was feeling bitchy. So, this week, I will try to get up a little earlier or do the workout as soon as I get to the office instead of at the end of the day.
  • Thursday, 1/23/2014 – non run day, though, I thought about it… seriously thought about it. I mean, I brought my stuff… I even took it up to the office with me…. but I decided, instead, to just do abs. I did some different stuff from what I usually do, and, believe it or not, my abs STILL hurt today from that workout, several days later.
  • Friday, 01/24/2014 – plan called for an easy 5, but I was still annoyed about not getting the rest of my interval, so I intended to do more. A friend was doing 6, so I suggested 7 and we went together. It is now the coldest temperature I’ve ever run in – it was 18 when I finished with a windchill factor in the single digits. It took over 3 miles for my fingers to warm up enough so they didn’t sting… with 2 pair of gloves on. I never fully warmed up that day, but the run itself was great. We ran the first 6 or so of the Raleigh Rock and Roll route so I’m familiar with the trouble spots.
  • Saturday, 01/25/2014 – plan called for steady 13 miles, and I reealllllyyy didn’t want to a run alone in this cold… way too easy to just back out. I had to do it and be finished before noon because I was meeting my ex and my boys for a sledding event at noon, and then taking the kids to visit with my dad’s family about an hour away and was going to be gone all day – so it had to be done in the morning. Luckily, I have another friend training for a marathon who needed company for a 16-miler and I offered to go with him “any time”. I had tentative plans with another friend that, again, fell through, so as late as 7 am, I’m like “I’m IN!” We met at 8:30 and ran the whole 16 – his first over 15! I was happy to be along for the trip and we had a great run! And… I made up for the miles I missed on Wednesday. My legs felt great, even through the sledding and the bouncing around to keep warm at a soccer game with my family. I finally slept well that night, too.

The plan for Week 6: slight step back this week, so I have to try to contain myself and stick to the plan:

  • 5+: 5 easy with 4 x 0:20 sec intervals / 2:00 rests
  • Easy 7
  • Easy 5 mi
  • 8 at target pace of 8:35 – 9:10
  • Core Work – it is working… since this is a lighter run week, I’d like to make it my goal to do at least 3 core workouts this week.

Hope you all have a great week!


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