Training and Coffee: Marathon Week 6

Hello My Friends!

So… no coffee right now – posting this a day later than I wanted – at the beginning of week 7 – but I’m still getting there pretty close…

Yesterday was my birthday, so I was busy with my family and my boys celebrating quietly, just the way I like to celebrate 🙂

Last week was a step-back, and thankfully so – we had snow here in the Sweet Sunny South – something we do not like and complain about. I know others in the mid-west and north-east deal with it constantly, but we don’t and it is mighty disruptive when we get it. I have never in my life been so damn happy to have a treadmill IN my house as I was this week. As far as step-backs in training goes, this was a good week for it since all miles were on the treadmill… still very happy with the outcome of the training:

  • Sunday, 01/26/2014 – rest day – but not at all restful. I was busy cleaning and moving stuff and just being a busy body rather than sitting around on my duff the way I wanted. Kind of worked out because I had plenty of duff-sitting time later in the week.
  • Monday, 01/27/2014 – non-run day again – I didn’t plan it this way, but I woke up late (because I didn’t sleep well) and I had no time during the day to do a run (though, I did bring my stuff to work) – I ended up having to leave early because they were calling for 6 inches of snow to come the next day, and I was unprepared. I left around 4 to get a shovel, some ice melt and some gloves I knew I’d need to shovel the snow coming my way.
  • Tuesday 01/28/2014 – School was canceled for the littles because they thought the snow would be arriving around lunch time (it didn’t come until mid-evening) – so I did my 5+ on this day on my home treadmill and got around 6.5 and it felt great. I actually ended up doing an extra interval, did it at a sub-7:30 pace and had shorter rests to get a pretty decent run.
  • Wednesday, 01/29/2014 – School was also canceled for the littles this day, so I had planned to run on the treadmill again to get back on track… but first, I have to shovel the drive… gah. I have a long, steep driveway on a house that faces North so I hardly get any sun on it and I am paranoid about not being able to get back up the driveway. Luckily, the snow was pretty light and fluffy, but it took me almost 3 hours to clear everything. Ultimately, no time to also do a 7 mile run, so I bagged the run on this day and decided I’d do it tomorrow. Totally counting this as ab work, though.
  • Thursday, 1/30/2014 – School was also canceled for the littles this day, so I thought I’d take advantage of not having to spend so much time on a commute and did my long for the week on this day (8 miler). I was very pleased with my time, too – sub-8:30 for the whole distance. My back was still a little sore from the day before, but manageable.
  • Friday, 01/31/2014 – School was canceled AGAIN for the littles (though the roads near me were bone dry most of the way) so, again, I took advantage of not having a commute and knocked out the 7 I was scheduled to do. This one was even faster than the 8 (around 8:15-ish or so on average), so I was even happier with this run – especially the day after an 8.
  • Saturday, 02/01/2014 – My birthday, and my boys woke me up with a breakfast of cereal, cheese and candy (very sweet) – which I happily ate – and then knocked out the only workout I had left: 5-miler. It was supposed to be a slower run, but because I was on the treadmill and I just don’t know how to do a slow run on the thing, I ended up doing it even faster and ended up with about an 8:10 pace for this run. The amazing thing is that I actually felt great the whole time and the run was a total reverse split. Made me feel a little less guilty about the cake I’m about to eat today.

The plan for Week 7: The fun starts this week!

  • 8oom intervals: 2 easy warm up, and then 6 x 800m intervals at a 7:45-7:55 pace and 0:45 rests, 1 mi cool down
  • 9 miler: 2 mi warm up, 6 mi at target pace of 8:00-8:20, 1 mi cool down
  • Easy 5 mi
  • 15 at target pace of 8:35 – 9:10
  • Core Work – it is working… since this is a lighter run week, I’d like to make it my goal to do at least 3 core workouts this week.

Hope you all have a great week!


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