Training and Coffee: Marathon Week 7

Hello My Friends!

I should probably title it: “Tons of Gatorade and Training” today… because that’s what I’m drinking… Though, honestly, another giant coffee sounds pretty good at the moment.

This past week was a good one for training, even if there was a step up in intensity. And, so far at least, I seem to be handling the step up in intensity better this time around than I did the first time I went through this training plan, so I’m hoping that trend continues through the tougher weeks ahead. We’ll see how well I take it next week as I go up one more notch. For now, though, things feel good, so I’m taking that as a good sign. Here’s how this week went:

  • Sunday, 02/02/2014 – rest day – but not at all restful… again. It was my older son’s birthday, so we had a bowling birthday party for him (which, by the way, was a lot of fun).
  • Monday, 02/03/2014 – 9 mi – This was supposed to be my tempo run for Wednesday, but I moved it to this day because I didn’t want to do 2 runs on a treadmill this week since I was on the treadmill all the week before. I decided to go to my usual run group (Nog Run Group) but didn’t want to run 4 after it by myself in the dark, so I did a little over 4 before, and then ran 5 with the group and hit my target square in the middle – like buttah. It felt nice.
  • Tuesday 02/04/2014 – I woke up sore. It was to be a busy day, but I needed to get some ab work done, so I did a little ab work in the morning, intending to finish it in the afternoon. I didn’t do the 2nd set, but the first set went well.
  • Wednesday, 02/05/2014 – I got a new sleep app that tells me how restful my sleep is, how long I slept, and wakes me up “gently”. I was skeptical, but, this was the 3rd day I used it and amazingly, I woke up in time to run on the treadmill before taking the boys to school. I was still a bit sore from the 9-miler, but once I started, the soreness subsided a little and I was able to get a decent run in. I had 2 miles warm up, 6x800m intervals at a target pace of 7:45-7:55 with 45 sec rests, and a 1 mile cool down. Because it was on the treadmill, though, I altered my plan just a bit. I did 15 min warm up (which amounted to just under 2 treadmill miles), 5 minute intervals at 7.6 mph (equating to just under 7:55mm), and a 1 minute rest. All but the last one were at 7.6; the last one I did a ladder of 7.6, 7.7, 7.8, 7.7 and 7.6. Because I was running out of time, though, I only did a 3 minute cool down. I ended up with 6.5 miles at an average of around 8:12 – I was super happy with this.
  • Thursday, 2/06/2014 – No run, but I did abs again in the workout room of my office building – just some crunches and some planks – for about 20 minutes.
  • Friday, 02/07/2014 – Easy 5-miler in the morning. My quads had been super tight from the faster runs earlier in the week, so I wasn’t trying to push anything since I agreed to a longer-than-plan run the next day that I knew was going to be kind of hilly.
  • Saturday, 02/08/2014 – around 18 miles – to date, probably the crazier thing I’ve done for running so far: I have a friend running his first full about a month before mine, so I agreed to do some of his longer runs with him. He thought he had 17 on his plan, and I had 15, so I told him I’d do it with him – then I realized I had purchased a bib for a 5-mile race (the Krispy Kreme Challenge) so I thought: ok, no biggie. I’ll do the longer portion of the run before the race and not “race” the race – it’ll probably be crowded with a lot of walkers anyway since it is a big fund-raiser run in the area (I was right about that). My friend, afterward, realized he had 18, not 17, and had registered himself and his wife to also run the race so we could do the same thing. He and I had a route planned where we would do 9, go back to my car to refuel, do around 2 (later 3), and then do the race with his wife and she’d drive us back to my car and take him home. However, we started later and the 9 took longer than we planned (and, by the way, was hilly – part of the Raleigh R&R route), so we barely got to the start line in time, couldn’t find his wife, and still had to do 2.5 after the race. It was still a great run and the KK Challenge was entertaining (until I almost stepped in puke at the end…) the last 2.5 were brutal, but they are done and I’m feeling good now, albeit, a bit thirsty.

The plan for Week 8: It steps up again… and this is 1/2 way through the plan, which blows my mind at this point… can’t believe I’m only 2 months away – I’m starting to really get nervous now!

  • 4oom intervals: 2 mi easy warm up, and then 16 x 400m intervals at a 7:40-7:50 pace and 0:30 rests, 1 mi cool down
  • 3 mile intervals: 2 mi warm up, and then 2 x 3 mi at target pace of 8:00-8:10, 3 min rest, and then 1 mi cool down
  • 6 mi easy
  • 16 at target pace of 8:35 – 9:10
  • Core Work – goal of at least 3 this week.

Hope you all have a great week!


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