Training and Coffee: Marathon Week 10

Hello My Friends!

Weeeeelllll… week 10 is done. It was a step back week, and I’m grateful for the lower mileage, but it also made me a little bit antsy. The 800-lb gorrilla in the room, however, is the looming date of the actual marathon. It is now officially 5 weeks away and I’m running through (see what I did there? pun totally intended….) all the possible scenarios – what could go right…. what could go wrong…. what’s probable… what’s not probable… worrying about all of it: what my start and finish will be like… where will I mess up? Will I go out too fast? (because I always do). Will I be able to pace myself? (because I rarely can). Will I finish? (because I almost always do). Will I be happy with my time (eh… split on that…) Will I feel like crap? (all signs point to yes…) Will the weather be OK? Will I sleep enough? eat enough? stretch enough? Will I have a cold like I did half of February? I’m already working myself into a tizzy about stuff I know I can’t control (sigh).

But… for now, I train and try to keep up with what I’m supposed to do and reeeeeeeeeallllly try not to worry about it all too much… Here’s how this week went:

  • Sunday, 02/23/2014 – supposed to be a rest day – but… (and this is becoming a theme, I’m sensing) it wasn’t as restful as it should have been. I took the boys to meet their dad so they could go bike riding because we got a random beautiful day where it was 60 and sunny after a bunch of snow (for us). It was so packed at the park we went to, but it was really, really nice to see a bunch of people getting out and enjoying the sun and for me and the boys to get out and ride bikes. I had “keep up with the older kid by chasing him while he rode the bike” duty (because I was voted the faster runner) while their dad worked with the younger to teach him how to ride bikes without training wheels. I ended up running behind the older one for about 2 miles. How do I know this? He asked me to track it so he knew how far he went… apparently, they are listening (and turning into) me… After, we went back to the house and I did a lot of cleaning and laundry and getting ready for the week and putting the kids to bed until I sat down and passed out around 9.
  • Monday, 02/24/2014 – 4+ was on the plan; I did a little over 5 between work and picking up the kids – so it was faster (because I was worried about getting them in time) and longer (because I took a turn I thought would take me closer that took me farther) than it should have been, but I’m still happy I did it this way.
  • Tuesday 02/25/2014 – non-run day and I was grateful I didn’t have to run because I was still pretty sore from the run on Saturday and still had some lingering chest congestion, though, I was really starting to feel a lot better.
  • Wednesday, 02/26/2014 – 7 miles was on plan; I did just over 6 on my home treadmill before the kids got up – or, rather, I woke them up… ended up having to cut the last bit short because I started about 6 minutes later than I wanted so I couldn’t get that last bit in, but I was satisfied with this run.
  • Thursday, 02/27/2014 – non-run day and the beginning of a very, very busy weekend (with 2 days off from work) so I didn’t end up getting my ab work in (sigh)… I need to be a lot more disciplined about ab work.
  • Friday, 02/28/2014 – supposed to be the 5 mile slow, but I swapped this run for the long (10 miles) today since I had the time and I was trying to work in the St. Paddy’s Run Green 8K (a race I really enjoy in the area). Soooo… I posted on my gym running group’s FB page that I was planning to a long and got an offer for company from one of the guys in the group who I’d never run with before. We talked about a few venues, but ended up deciding on William B. Umstead Park. For those of you outside the Raleigh-Durham area, this is a popular park with a lot of hills… steep long ones. It’s been years since I ran back there and I was up to the challenge – I figured, if nothing else, I’d have someone to chat with to keep my mind off it. We agreed to about an 8:30 overall pace, and that we both wanted some hills to practice for Raleigh Rock and Roll. He mapped out a couple of routes and asked me to select one – the first, staying along Reedy Creek, the other going along Turkey… “Reedy Creek is fine – nothing too crazy” I could hear myself muttering as I’m trying to decide if I had made a mistake or not by going on this route – haha. I don’t remember going up these hills the last time I was up there, though. Reedy Creek is just brutal… and Turkey is worse, from what I hear, so I’m really glad I decided on the Reedy Creek side. My friends… let me just say this: I was completely humbled by those hills. I’m a fairly chatty runner (to the chagrin of some of my running buddies)… but I was pretty quiet on this trek. If you ever want to shut me up on a run, take me to Umstead. We ended up with just over 10 with around an 8:38 – I’m really effing proud of that all things considered. Honestly, I don’t have that many 10-milers at that pace in the first place, let alone, up crazy-ass hills like those in Umstead, so I’m calling that a win. Having said that: I found it difficult to walk most of the rest of the day.
  • Saturday, 03/01/2014 – 5 miles, via the St Paddy’s Run Green 8k. I told everybody… anybody who would listen ‘I’m not gonna race this… just run it easy because I am in training – you know… eyes on the prize’ (meaning, the marathon). I totally meant that. I think. I enjoyed the Kilt Run attempt at breaking the world record (which was mostly standing around and walking), but was walking around the place saying “oh, no… I’m not going to put a lot of effort into this… just gonna run it easy…” I started off that way, too. First mile, a nice, easy 8:24 (clears throat). But… I dunno what happened… all of the sudden, I was busting out 8:06, 7:56, and 8:03? wtf? When I realized what my overall was, I actually stopped and walked so that I had one mile that was over 8:30 so my overall wouldn’t be too low. How sad is that? I’m not going to say this was an easy run because it was not. The hills from Umstead certainly took their toll on my legs (especially the calves) and I was hurting by the end of it. I recovered quickly, but I’m still a little sore today. I ended up getting a sports massage on the lower half of my legs last night after the race. It was painful – very painful – but I do feel a little better today. I’ll be sleeping in compression sleeves, though… partially because today wasn’t at all restful, either (I know… I know….)

Week 11 jumps back into where I was for week 9, so I’m expecting to exceed 40 miles again this week by ending it with a 20 miler on Saturday:

  • 10 x 1000 meters (.62-ish miles) at 7:40-7:50 with 2 mi warm up and 1 mi cool down; 30 sec rests between which should give me something between 9 and 10 miles – if we end up NOT getting the bad weather they are predicting tomorrow, I’ll do this on Wednesday. If we do, I’ll just bang this sucker out on the treadmill tomorrow afternoon.
  • 3 x 2 miles at 7:55-8:05 with 2 mi warm up and 1 mi cool down, 3 minute rests between to give me around 10 miles – if we end up NOT getting the bad weather they are predicting tomorrow, I’ll do this at Run Club. If we do, I’ll probably end up doing this one on the treadmill, too.
  • 8 miles target pace of 8:35-9:10
  • 18 – 20 miles at target pace of 8:35-9:10
  • Core Work – goal of at least 3 this week ** for REAL this week!!

Hope you all have a great week!


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