Training and Coffee: Marathon Week 16

Hello My Friends!

I’m posting this week a little late because, well, I’ve had a busy weekend. More about the race in my race report, but for now, let’s take a step back to the week leading up to it. I have determined that I *do not* like week 16. It sucked. I was anxious. I was tired. I was feeling fat. I was tired of feeling tired, anxious and fat. I wanted to run it all off like I usually do, but knew I couldn’t do that, so I had to be patient. That was difficult for me… but I did it. Some how, I managed to dig deep in the bag of tricks and pull out some sorely needed discipline so I made it through.

I guess that impatience – or maybe the anxiety – led to some moments of mild irritation, though… or just that I was cranky because I was tired and feeling fat… You may recall that in the Week 15 post, I publicly accepted that a BQ time was unlikely – I started talking about that in earnest with my friends, just to let them know I have reset – and accepted – my own expectations. In a lot of cases, it was met with “oh… don’t be so negative! You’ve worked hard! You’ve got this.” I love my cheer leaders. There were many more of them than I expected and they have been really supportive. Today, I am overwhelmed by support I’ve found for this crazy adventure – so much more than I ever expected – it really meant a lot to me. But…  I was not being negative. I’ve matured a lot in my running (which is another reason I’m glad I waited to do a full – more on that in my race report). I have five years of experience under my belt and I’ve run in it all: rain, sleet, snow, cold, hot, sticky, windy – thunderstorms and ice. I know my limits and I know how I react, and, keeping this log of my training has really helped me see how much I’ve improved, but has also kept me grounded on what my limitations are. Everyone has limitations, and, as hard as I’ve worked, I’m not immune to limitations – I respect mine enough to accept them and work with what God gave me to do the best I can. I don’t care how badly I wanted it and how well I did on training, there are somethings I have no control over and I just have to do the best with what I have. The weather is the *one* thing I can’t control. So… when I got a hold of a 10 day forecast, I started telling folks that I did not expect to BQ this race. I wasn’t being pessimistic – I was being realistic, and it is a fine line, I understand that. However, each day, the temperature forecast got hotter and sunnier and, well, I’ve met me and I *am not* a hot weather runner… you’ve all heard me complain about the heat and humidity and how much it drains me, so I reset expectations for myself – and for others. I wanted them to know that I have accepted what I think is ahead of me and that I promise not be a pill to live with and gripe about how I didn’t meet my goal. I really would be OK with it (and I really am)… but that they might have to expect me to try this again so I could have a better chance to meet that big goal I set for myself.

So, aside from the myriad of really random thoughts, convincing my friends and family that I’m not a Negative Nancy, but a Realistic Rhonda (ha!) and fretting about cleaning the house, I did manage to finish up the training for the week in advance of the Marathon. Here’s how week 16 went:

  • Sunday, 04/06/2014 – I honestly don’t remember a thing about what I did this day. I had my boys, though, and because it is pretty unmemorable, I’m guessing we didn’t do much. I likely spent the day cleaning and trying to get the house in a less disastrous shape for the arrival of my runner guests later in the week.
  • Monday, 04/07/2014 – I swapped out the run for the following day, so I took this day as a rest day.
  • Tuesday 04/08/2014 – I had 8 x 2:00 intervals with a 1 mile warm up and a 1 mile cool down – that should have been just at 5 miles, so I was looking forward to it. I woke up too late to do this run on my treadmill before the boys had to get up, so I got up and packed my work clothes in my gym bag, got the boys to school and did this workout on my work treadmill. It went well, but, honestly, it was difficult to keep the pace where it should have been. I really wanted to try hitting sub-8s in those intervals, but knew that was not a good idea so I didn’t. I had to cut the cool down portion short because of time, so I ended up with 4.7 miles 
  • Wednesday, 4/09/2014 – took this day as a non-run day, and it felt nice, but I was really anxious at the end of it.
  • Thursday, 4/10/2014 – 4+ workout on the schedule and I couldn’t sleep well, so I was up before 5 am and thought I’d take advantage of the opportunity and knock this run out. I ended up with just over 5 and felt great at the end. Since the intervals were very short – only 30 sec – I did do them at sub-8 speeds. I’ve missed that speed over the last couple of weeks.
  • Friday, 4/11/2014 – 15 minutes – I took the day off from work to clean and get the house ready for guests, and I promised I would only do 15 minutes, so I did only 15 minutes, and I didn’t do them fast – I got about 1.7 miles from it. I did it after I dropped the boys off at school to make sure I got it finished and I didn’t have other things “come up” to distract me. My first runner friends arrived around 1 and I took them downtown to Raleigh to show them the route and meet some of my runner friends from work and have a late lunch. We dropped one of them off so she could go to her brother’s house, and I took the other with me to get my boys and head over to my sister’s for some family time and pizza.
  • Saturday, 04/12/2014 – We went out to breakfast with the boys, and then I dropped them off with their dad so we could meet our other friends at the expo and get our bibs, shirts and parking pass. We decided to have lunch while we were out, and then 2 of the runners and I went to the ATT for a quick little 2 miler (I wanted to show off my favorite running place to them!). I bought a visor at the expo (I never wear hats of any kind – so I was not sure of it) and I wanted to test it out. The run went well, then we went back to my house to shower and get changed for an early dinner with our other runner friend. After dinner, we went home and got every thing packed and had an early night so we could get up in time to get to the parking deck before 6 am the next morning.

This week is recovery. I had the Marathon on Sunday to start out the week and am not planning to run again until Saturday when I’m doing a 3-mile fund raiser with my Tir Na nOg group. I don’t want to screw this part up, so I’ll likely be doing some heavy duty research on it today.

Hope you all have a great week!


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