Coffee… and Recovery: Week 1

Hello My Friends!

I have four weeks of “recovery”, so I thought that, as much as I documented the training, I should probably document that, too…. you know, in an effort to keep myself honest about how I’m approaching it.

So far, I’m not doing that great of a job.

So, I will write it down and I’m hold myself accountable for recovering properly, just as I did for the training. First step: get better at hydration. Second step: stretch more. Third step: take advantage of the extra time to work on my abs.

I am posting this a little later than I planned because I’ve been busy doing the stuff I *didn’t* do while I was focused on training – which might explain why I feel like I haven’t started out on the right foot with the recovery… I’ve been busy with stuff like catching up with friends and laundry and chores. But… by the end of the week, it got tough for me to handle not running. As I’ve said before, I really don’t want to screw this part up. So, I’m taking this week as a learning experience, and hopefully, I can do better next week.

Here’s how the week went:

  • Sunday, 04/13/2014 – The Marathon. And it was awesome. I loved it… and I’ll likely do it again – probably sooner than later. I still don’t really feel like I’ve run that far – it still just feels like “hmmm – I finished a race”. I expected to feel more like “Oh-My-God-I-just-ran-farther-than-I-drive-to-work”. meh. Just wasn’t feeling it. Don’t get me wrong, I am very proud of myself and I enjoyed most parts of it (except for Trinity and Edward’s Mill – still hate those evil roads), but I guess I just thought I’d have more of a sense of  “hot damn!” than I do. You can read more of my thoughts about the marathon in my Raleigh Rock and Roll Marathon post.
  • Monday, 04/14/2014 – Good Lord – If I hadn’t felt like I had done a marathon the day before, I certainly felt it this day. I had to hold on to the railings in my house just to walk up and down the stairs because I was sincerely afraid I was going to fall down them. I managed to get myself together enough to meet a coworker and my friend from CA for coffee and take my CA friend to a run club where they were doing a send off for the folks running in Boston (as he did the Boston Marathon!!!). I wanted him to have a special send off, too 🙂 I was very sore, but as he and I walked around between the coffee and the run group, I really started feeling much better. There was no damn way I could run, but walking felt alright. After the run group, I went home and sacked out quickly only to end up with a pretty restless night overall.
  • Tuesday 04/15/2014 – My first day back at work, and I was still a little sore, but felt way better than the day before. I few of the recovery articles I read suggested running on this day – that was *not* going to happen for me. I deferred a day and worked on recovery.  
  • Wednesday, 4/16/2014 – Although a little sore, much improved over Tuesday, so I decided to try that 15-minute shake out run on the work treadmill. It was slow and it drove me crazy, but I ended up with 1.5 miles and a little less wound up because of it. I stayed on the treadmill so I could keep a flat surface and keep my speed slow, and I think that was the right call, especially as I look back on the next few days after it.
  • Thursday, 4/17/2014 – Took a rest day – legs were feeling better, but a little tweaked from the run the day before. I did some stretches to help feel better.
  • Friday, 4/18/2014 – Also took this as a rest day because I planned on a run for charity the next day with the nOg Run group.
  • Saturday, 04/19/2014 – Joined the nOg Run Club for a charity run to raise money to send care packages to troops. I ended up running with a friend, so I was distracted and not paying attention to pace and went, I think in retrospect, a bit too fast. I had fun, though, and I knew I wasn’t running until the next week, so I took a little time to stretch that night before bed.

I plan to run every other day this week (recover week 2) – so Monday, Wednesday, Friday and start off week 3 on Sunday. I’ll also be traveling for work, so I’m planning to take advantage of the fact that I almost never get to run outside in Denver. It’ll be good that the air is so thin and dry – it’ll force me to go SLOWER so I don’t hurt myself. We’ll see.

Hope you all have a great week!


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