Devil’s Infinite Play List: Bassnectar “Basshead”

Hi friends!

I know… odd to hear from me in the middle of the week, but I’ve been thinking about adding another dimension to this blog to be a little less about me and to share more. What is my favorite thing to share?


Every so often, I stumble upon requests from runners who are burned out on their playlists and are seeking newer, more exciting tracks to get the blood pumping again. I often chime in, not because I’m a know-it-all about music (though, I sometimes have that reputation simply because I mention that I worked in a record store a time or two… or ten), but because I am a firm believer that music should be shared and I am more than happy to share my play list with others with the hope that someone eventually finds something they like.

Note, however, I am one of the few people I know who can run to almost anything of any genre and tempo and I do not place songs in a particular order – I open my play list and set that sucker to shuffle. Whatever comes up, I run to. Thus… I don’t count beats per minute or have anything for a specific pace. I just run with the music filling my brain and hope my feet keep up. I can usually make any cadence work, though, so there is my disclaimer: if you’re looking for something with more thought to it than that, you might not be happy with these types of posts. If, however, you’re curious, you like music, and you are looking for something new occasionally, feel free to read, share, and even comment with suggestions of your own. I encourage it!

Having said that…

I know, I know – there is oft a heated debate about running to music. I freely admit I’m not a running purist. I know purists and I respect them, but I can’t do it all the time. I rarely listen to music in races lately, and never when I’m running with others, but when I’m running alone, why not? If for no other reason that to keep my mind from focusing *too* much on my pace and the elevation and what I’m *not* doing right. That’s not what training runs are for in my opinion. I’m not elite and I never will be. I do this for enjoyment and I enjoy music – why not combine them?!?

On that note (pun totally intended)…

Today’s song is: “Basshead” by Bassnectar.

Ok, yeah, this is Dubstep, but don’t judge. I don’t currently have this song on my play list, but I need to add it because, as I sit here writing this to you with this song playing in the background, I can’t stop moving. It is a good motivator song, so if you’re having trouble convincing yourself it is time to get out the door or to put on your shoes, play this song. You’ll have about 6 minutes until you change your mind. If you have a hard time feeling right at the start of the run, turn off the audio cues and turn this song up to 11 – before you know it, you’ll be more than 1/2 way through that mile and feeling a bit better.

Why this song: I like the hardness of this song and the rhythm of it (not to mention the kick ass bass). Come to think of it: I usually do yard work to Bassnectar – probably because it tends to make the yard work a little less painful and that can certainly carry over on bad run days (like mine was for me today). It is difficult to do a deep dive analysis on Dubstep, but, these guys have a hard sound and very garagey – plus, it reminds me of the earlier electronica I really started listening to at the beginning of the genre, so it is a little nostalgic for me.

Aside from that: I really dig the name of the artist. How can you *not* like a band with the words Bass and Nectar in it?

Until the next song…


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