Devil’s Infinite Play List: The Rolling Stones “Miss You”

Hi friends!

Today’s song is: “Miss You” by The Rolling Stones.

This morning, I woke up with this song swirling around in my brain – and this is the third day this week it’s been there, so I figured it was time to add it to the play list.

I have always been a big fan of The Rolling Stones. The only bands I probably liked a tad more were The Beatles and The Who. They’re all in the same grouping for me, though – early 1960s British Pop that evolved in very different directions to become diverse… but they all started in fairly the same place. In fact, when I am pressed to pick a favorite “genre”, I always say “1960s British Pop”, a group of which these guys are founding members. And, like The Beatles, The Who, The Animals, and similar contemporary 1960s British Pop Bands with the requisite “The” in their names, they are all over my play list.

So, this song… I guess I heard it during one of my runs this week or something – maybe that is why it is stuck there… or maybe I was recalling something subconsciously that I missed and that is why it is there (the brain is a strange and at times scary organ). Nevertheless, it *is* a major brain worm today and I had to listen to it to address that. A little history: This is the first song on the 1978 album “Some Girls“. I won’t say that’s my favorite Stones album, but it is a significant one in my life as it was released when I was just becoming old enough to start having tastes of my own in music. This song was played lot on the radio and I have very distinct memories about singing this song loudly (something I still do today – haha) in the car when it came on the radio. And, this album contains “Shattered” and “Before They Make Me Run”, two songs I also happen to like a lot. When I was the record store, the entire Stones catalog was remastered and they had a limited edition pressing of the CD in the original vinyl artwork (just smaller) and this was the first of the collection I bought (I think I have all of them in the set).  I even went to see The Rolling Stones with my dad as an adult – a very fond memory for me.  🙂

As for this song’s impact on my running – it is on my running list because it is a good tempo and when he starts in with the “wa hoo ooohooo hooo hhooo hooo hooo hooo” it is hard not to pick up the pace just a little. I have the album version on my play list, but this 12″ single version is over 8 minutes – so that’s almost a whole mile of Stones 🙂

Until the next song…


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