Pre-Portland Training: Negative Week 2

Hello My Friends!

The stubbed toe appears to be healing and I thought I’d try the 5-a-week run plan to see how things go.


I think the first couple of weeks I have a 5-run week might kick my butt. We shall see. Otherwise, though, I think I’m feeling OK and ready to start training for the Portland Marathon. I found out today a coworker is also doing Portland! Yay! First things first, though: get caught up with training, get back into the Ab routine and don’t get too sidetracked about pace. Let’s see how last week went, shall we?

  • Sunday, 05/25/2014 – a rest day I *really* needed. I didn’t run the week before because of a toe injury I thought was a broken toe (no longer think that) and I was tightly wound by the end of the week. The day before, I swam 1 mile and simply wore my ass out. So… I did not feel like doing much on Sunday and I was lazy with my boys, just watching movies and sitting around.
  • Monday, 05/26/2014 – Memorial day, and I had pledged to run 5 miles for Wear Blue Run to Remember and, damn it, bum toe or not, I was going to do it. I taped the last two together and decided to take it slower than usual (which I did) and I made it the whole 5 miles. My toe didn’t hurt as badly as I was worried it might, though, it was still a little black and blue.
  • Tuesday 05/27/2014 – My first day trying the 5-run week and I was not able to do it during the day (or in the morning) as I had hoped… so, I thought, Ok, I’ll go to my gym run group. Well… that didn’t work out, either, so I ended up running solo after work. It actually ended up being a good thing as we had a number of thunderstorms pass through the area and I literally just missed them. It was nice and cool and kind of drizzly at the start (though, the humidity was still pretty high) and I was able to knock out a smokin’ 3.25 miler at an average 8:13 – not at all my fastest run, but all things considered with a bum toe and a few stops for traffic, I was actually very happy with it.
  • Wednesday, 05/28/2014 – I was exhausted when I got up, but I wanted this third run and, damn it, I was anxious to get at least 4. I set out, but was drained rather quickly and ended up only getting 3.5. For as perfect and nice and cool as it was the day before, it was hot and muggy and heavy and hot (did I say hot?) that day. I felt like poo the rest of the day. I slept like a rock that night, though.
  • Thursday, 05/29/2014 – Took a much needed rest day.
  • Friday, 05/30/2014 – Felt much better this day and decided to go a bit longer than 5 – ended up with 6.5. It was hot, but it didn’t bother me quite as much as it did on Wednesday.
  • Saturday, 05/31/2014 – I decided to volunteer for the IronMan 70.3 in Raleigh again this year, so I had to get up early and I had to run on my home treadmill because I had my kids and I really, really, really wanted double digits again. So… I watched a movie. I ended up deciding on “Apocalypse Now” – a nice lighthearted film – and ended up with just over 10 at a hearty 8:25 pace. I was thrilled! I got cleaned up and got my kids ready to hang out with their grandpa and I volunteered checking in athletes. I had a great time – I was planning to write about the volunteering experience, too.

I wanted to get another 5-run week this week, but I’ve already blown it. We’ll see. I’ll just do the best I can. I have the Hatfield McCoy Half Marathon (first half) on June 14, and then I start marathon training on the 16th, so I can’t stress about it too much.

Hope you all have a great week!


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