Devil’s Infinite Play List: The Sharpshooters “Balek”

Hi friends!

Today’s song is a twofer because it is a cover: “Balek” by The Sharpshooters… and also by Placebo.

A little bit of History:

I’m a big fan of compilations (and film/tv sound tracks for that matter) because you get a nice cross-section of artists and/or genres on a single album: more bang for the buck, so to speak. That’s where this song came from. I somehow stumbled across a compilation called “Wheedle’s Groove: Seattle’s Finest in Funk and Soul 1965 – 1975” because I was nostalgic one day about my record store days and was listening to albums I had purchased then. One was by a band called The Sharpshooters. I have no idea if *this* Sharpshooters is the same one I was listening to that day or not, but I was in LOVE with this song from first listen and it (as well as a couple of other songs from this album) are staples in the play list.

Why this song is on my play list:

I use it primarily to start, especially the first portion of the run. It is pretty mellow and keeps my tempo pretty even, especially when I am a little keyed up or anxious. I have a tendency to bolt out at the start of a run, and usually having this song start me off (when I don’t shuffle) really helps me start on even footing. There are stark differences between the two versions (to me, at least): the Placebo version (which I believe is the original) sounds very 1970s. It also sounds very clear and sharp so the horns are pretty loud and the synths are a bit jarring. Of the two, I prefer the Sharpshooters version because it eases into it and has more of a hip-hop feel to it, especially with the drum. The organ/synth is a little more subtle and the horns are not as loud relative to the drums. Unfortunately for me, however, it is about a minute shorter 😦 Guess I have to just repeat it…

Until the next song…


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