The Big News Before the Race Report

Hi All –

Well… I did the Hatfield McCoy today and I will get to the details of the race tomorrow when I’m a little more rested, but I was itching to write this post the whole drive back today!

I did something for the first time today that, in 17 half marathons I haven’t even come close to doing: I placed in age group. Well… actually, I won age group. WTF? haha. I am beside myself today! It was actually a very cool experience because almost everyone who won either top 3 or age group looked surprised as hell when their names were called and, like me, probably never won before.

For me, it went something like this: I was standing next to that table watching the the Prize Giver Lady was calling out names for the Mason Jar trophies the winners were to receive. First, she did overall folks for the first half, then all the age group folks, starting with the men. I stopped paying attention because, well, I’m usually number 5 or 6 or 8 or something, so, typically, I don’t pay attention at awards. I was trying to get a signal so I could text my friends that I had finished in my goal time, when all of the sudden I heard my name. Instinctively, I just said “yeah?” like a moron.

The Trophy Giver Lady said “Darlin’, you won age group! Congratulations!” and then made some comment about the stickers not being on the back of the plates that had our age groups and that had something to do with being “a buncha hillbillies back here…” Ok. I don’t care that mine is stuck on there or not of whether or not you are hillbillies – I’m just stunned I won AG!

I believe the next thing out of my mouth was actually “wwwwhhhhaaattttt?”

I took my gift and it took me a minute for it to sink in – age group winner? I had met another runner in the fire house who decided to run with me and she finished at the same time, getting 2nd in AG (turns out, we were in the same AG!)

So, now I will go relax and turn on some Doctor Who or something and try not to pass out before my kids call and think about how I’m going to tell this pretty awesome story.

By the way: I LOVED this race… loved it.



Until tomorrow…


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