Pre-Portland Training: Week 0

Hello My Friends!

So, I’m catching up with the training week before I officially start training for Portland, as that started today. I wanted to catch you up on the half marathon that ended my “rest” period between training cycles, so, now, I catch you up on the week prior to my first week of training.

My goal this week was to get used to more than 2 subsequent days of running – I think I did a pretty good job of that because I had four running days in a row, two days off, and then the Hatfield-McCoy Half Marathon (Blackberry Mountain Course). Turns out: this kind of training worked well for me. So far, at least. Here’s how that week went:

  • Sunday, 06/08/2014 – 10 miles: the boys were at their dad’s, so I decided to try a new run group: the Raleigh Trail Runners. Loved this group. We met at Umstead (you’ve heard me talk about Umstead a time or two here), so that was part of my motivation. I ended up running with a guy and managed to keep up with him for 5.5 miles, but had a hard time recovering from the hill and had to walk a bit. I took a gu and drank some water and ended up catching up with him by the end for a total of 10 hilly miles. Overall, a great run and a good running buddy!
  • Monday, 06/09/2014 – 5 miles: Attended my favorite run group, nOg Run Club for a very, very steamy 5 miler. The first three were awesome, but after that, it was tough and I ended up walking. I did NOT end up with the same kind of time I had the day before, but I was grateful I ended up with 5 miles overall. I was drenched and ready to go home and shower, only to be met with a flat tire (gah). Finally got home a couple of hours later and got cleaned up but I was hungry, tired and very, very grumpy about it.
  • Tuesday 06/10/2014 – 2.5 miles: Decided to run with a new run group in my home town with a guy I met the previous week at the single parents event. It was over 90 degrees and we both decided it wasn’t going to be a long or fast run. We chose the 3 mile route, which somehow ended up only being 2.5. I was OK with that because I was beat. At least I didn’t have a flat tire this time!
  • Wednesday, 06/11/2014 -4 Miles: I was getting the boys for the night, so I ran at work in the morning. Even though we went early in the morning, it was still a very drippy, humid run… but a good one. Got 4 quality miles.
  • Thursday, 06/12/2014 – much needed rest day
  • Friday, 06/13/2014 – rest day because I was driving to Hatfield-McCoy Marathon in West Virginia.
  • Saturday, 06/14/2014 – 13.1 miles: Ran the  Hatfield-McCoy Marathon (first half).

Training for the Portland Marathon starts today, so I’ll start listing those by week starting on Saturday after my long.

Hope you all have a great week!


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