Portland Marathon Training: Week 2

Hello My Friends!

Week 2 of Portland Marathon training is done – a slower than expected week, but I did some stuff I’m proud of, running-wise, so I’m glad it turned out the way it did. I mentored a couple of times and I did a trail run. Overall pace for the week was over 9:30 (not a typo… nine-thirty), but I helped other runners and built strength with the trail. Oh! And I’ve been very good about abs this week!!!! I only missed 2 days, one of which was a day I planned not to do them (my rest day on Thursday). Yes. They hurt. Yes. I am shaking inside of 15 seconds when starting a plank, but I have my eyes on the prize and doing this is making my strength long-term better. Incentive to keep it going.

Let’s look at this week:

  • Sunday, 06/22/2014 – On Plan – rest day, plus stretching: for the most part, I “rested”. I updated this blog. I did some light cleaning. I took a shower. I went to a NC Roadrunner’s club cook out (which was fun – I like meeting new people and these are runners so it was nice to chat with folks who like talking about the same stuff I like talking about!). I updated this blog some more. I stretched – that’s really the most important part, in my opinion. I needed it (that and hydrating, which I didn’t do a good job of the day before). Effectively, I stuck to plan!
  • Monday, 06/23/2014 – On Plan – 5 miles and then abs: Ok, so it was more like “abs, and then 5 miles”, but I did it. I started the day off a little later than usual because we had an orthodontist appointment for my younger son. Because I planned to go to the run club at night, I did abs in the morning. I was *really* sore still from Friday and Saturday, so I only did one set and I skipped the plank because I didn’t think I could do it. I plan to try another set tomorrow. As for the run: we had a support team member move here from another site and, as it turns out, he’s a runner, so I took him to my beloved nOg run club to introduce him to the group – and to running in down town Raleigh. He did his first ever run beyond 4 miles! woo hoo! We walked a couple of times, but I was proud of him for sticking to it and happy to see the look on his face when he finished his longest distance ever.
  • Tuesday 06/24/2014 – On Plan – rest day, plus stretching. So… I didn’t rest. A friend of mine asked me to do a run so I met him at the NC Art museum to do a 4-miler. It was hot and I had to stop a few times, but I got it done. Plus: I broke in a new pair of shoes, so all was not lost. I also did abs!!
  • Wednesday, 06/25/2014 – On Plan – 6 mi (1/4/1 at target pace of 8:20-8:40 for the 4), plus abs: Because I felt ok after the day before – and I haven’t done it in a loooong time – a friend suggested we do Umstead. You’ve heard me talk about Umstead. So, how could I say no? I mean: I said I was going to go back there… and I did. I was supposed to do a fast 6, but  my thought was: how about I do a difficult six via a trail run?? So, that’s what I decided to do. It was tough and it was hilly but, bbbbbooooyyyyy, was it fun! I also started the day with abs, so I was 3 for 3!
  • Thursday, 6/26/2014 – On Plan – rest, plus stretching. I rested. I promised all I would, so I did. and I stretched. And then I stood on my feet for a couple of hours to watch a band, so… eh. it was a wash.
  • Friday, 06/27/2014 – On Plan – 5, and then abs – I didn’t get up in time to do abs in the morning, and I honestly thought I would do them in the evening, but I didn’t. I did, however, have a very steamy 5 miler in the morning. I felt OK in points of it, but I was a slow to start and the humidity was getting to me by the middle. I’m still not feeling acclimated to the heat and humidity yet, which worries me with the longest runs in (gulp) August. Why did I sign up for another one again?
  • Saturday, 06/28/2014 – On Plan – 10 miles at target pace of 8:40-9:10 and then abs – I had to do this one on the treadmill, so I decided to watch “The Graduate”, which is part of my AFI 100 Years list – I should update that blog after this one… So, ultimately, I did this run under the 3:45 pace target, but over the 3:30 pace target – effectively, exactly where I wanted it to be… but God, that first half sucked! This episode today is one of the many, many reasons I’m glad I waited to do a full because my “runner mentality” wasn’t mature enough until last year and I probably would have quit the run at 5 miles. I don’t think my problem was attitude today – I really wanted to run – and I even accepted the treadmill part of it – but it is getting to the point that the first five miles of any run are just horrible. I also had my air conditioner schedule set to turn it up to 80 after 7, but I thought that was only set for the week days, not the weekends, so the additional heat probably exacerbated things a bit. Sooo… there was a lot of stopping and starting the first half. I turned down the AC and composed myself and there was a lot less of that the second half.  The fact that I was going at a speed that was perhaps a smidge faster than it should have been probably didn’t help much, either. Whatever the issue, I worked through it and I finished all 10 (plus a little extra) at a hearty 8:17 pace. That’s the pace while the treadmill was going – I think if I was “in the wild”, it would have been closer to around 8:30, though. And… because that wasn’t enough torture for me, I decided to try abs after. Lordy. *that* sh*t hurt. I am usually sore after a fast treadmill run, but wow. I wasn’t prepared for how that felt. I did one set and didn’t even finish the plank (only did the sides). Rest my abs tomorrow, but back at it full force on Monday!

Here is the training plan for next week:

  • Sun: rest (stretch)
  • Mon: 6+ and (abs)
  • Tue: 4 (abs and stretch)
  • Wed: 8 mi (1/6/1 tempo with 8:30 target pace) (abs)
  • Thu: rest (stretch)
  • Fri: 5 (abs)
  • Sat: 11 (abs)

Hope you all have a great week!


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