The Calm Before The Training

Happy New Training Week, all!

I know I’m still woefully behind on posting race reports – and I do plan to get to them. I’ve had yet more computer issues, and I’ve finally given in to the notion that I need to get an iPad and a keyboard because I’m over spending this much time futzing around with Windows, mal-ware and updates. I’m pretty close to just selling the damn thing and calling it a day. I wish I didn’t need this particular device at all, at this point. Or… maybe I’m just frustrated about all aspects of technology failing me today. I seem to spend a lot more time “troubleshooting” ineffectively working devices/internet connections/web applications, etc. for something that is supposed to *enhance* my life and save me time. At least for today, it has done neither of those things and it has frustrated me.

</technology rant>

A good time to start training for another marathon tomorrow, in my opinion. Or maybe I am feeling that way because of aforementioned frustration – haha.

This week (starting tomorrow, officially), I start training for the Tobacco Road Marathon – my third attempt at a full marathon and my third try for at least a sub-4:00 marathon… and an effort to see how close I can get to that magical BQ time I need: sub 3:45. It is a huge leap, especially from my last full (4:16). I’m not sure I can get all the way down to 3:45, but damn if I’m not going to give it my best effort.

All that being said: in spite of my frustration today, I’m resting. I’m not gonna sugar coat it: it is tough for me not to walk down the hall, fire up that treadmill and knock out a fast 4-miler. Killing me, in fact. I need the rest after a couple of really tough runs last week (including the fastest run I have ever done of any distance, which I’m still kind of feeling a week later). I need to be in good shape for my training and I’ll get mucho miles soon enough – experience has taught me that I need to be patient here.

but… it is killing me!

I can’t wait until tomorrow’s 6-miler 🙂

Until then, I’ll continue to get the computer issues sorted out and I’ll work on my posts.


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