Tobacco Road Marathon: Week 1

Hello My Friends!

Well… I’m back to marathon training, believe it or not. Third time is the charm, right?

I certainly hope so…

I had registered for the Skinny Turkey Half Marathon before I signed up for the Tobacco Road Marathon, so I had to modify my training a bit to accommodate the half marathon.

Let’s look at this week:

  • Sunday, 11/23/2014 – rest day. I had a busy Saturday with my boys the day before, so I promised an easy day at home and delivered just that. However, I was pretty grumpy. A combination of things made me grumpy – personal life stuff in addition to not running for two days and having the kids bicker constantly annoyed me so I was short tempered and grateful I had planned a run the next day.
  • Monday, 11/24/2014 – 5 miles easy. I did this run with a friend of mine who is trying to decide on running a half and wanted some miles so I set up a couple of runs to (a) avoid running alone and (b) help my friend get miles needed. We ended up with 6 for the day because I was trying to stack the miles in the fist half of the week.
  • Tuesday 11/25/2014 – rest day. I moved a run to this day so I could have a day off the day before my half on Thursday. I again ran with a couple of friends and we had a good time chatting for most of the run. It was at an easy pace and was the first run that felt good in a while.
  • Wednesday, 11/26/2014 – 5+. I took a rest day on this day because I wanted fresh legs for the half marathon the next day.
  • Thursday, 11/27/2014 – Rest. Well… the Skinny Turkey Half Marathon is just too much for me to resist. I wanted to start the day off right with a calorie deficit and this was a great way to accomplish that.
  • Friday, 11/28/2014 – 4 mi. Also took a rest day this day, as I had the 23 miles I needed for the week already. I was fine with the day off because I was still very sore from the half marathon.
  • Saturday, 11/29/2014 – 8 mi. I woke up still a little sore from the Skinny Turkey, but I felt much better than I did on Friday and I needed to break in a new pair of shoes I bought the day before, so I decided to join a short group run sponsored by Fleet Feet stores in Raleigh. I didn’t really meet many people, but I enjoyed the different route and I enjoyed running in new shoes again.

Here is the training plan for next week:

  • Sun: rest (stretch)
  • Mon: 5+ and (abs)
  • Tue: rest (abs and stretch)
  • Wed: 6 mi (1/4/1 tempo with 8:30 target pace) (abs)
  • Thu: rest (stretch)
  • Fri: 5 (abs)
  • Sat: 10 (abs)

Hope you all have a great week!


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